Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: In Recap

My hair is brown. 
Saddest New Years day ever. Crying at the airport.
Still learning my roommates. 
Justin Bieber.
Taylor Swift.
Sub Sandwiches. 
"I'll have a half turkey with pepper jack on whole wheat toasted, please. Lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, onions, a little bit of salt and pepper with baja sauce. Thank you."
Eat that. Everyday.
Lived vicariously through Felicity and Ben and Noel. 
Claire creates a competition with herself called, "Let's see if I can complete this whole piece in less than 15 minutes."
Not as fun as you'd think. 
Change my major.
Change my major. 
Oreos. Oreos. Oreos. 
Change my major. 
Freshman year is over and I realize that I was blessed beyond belief. 
At last. 
Pit stop: Birmingham.
Pit stop: Dallas. 
Change my major. 
I am so excited.
Pit stop: Atlanta. 
Taking major classes is fun. 
Wednesday night vent inspiration sessions with Baille. 
Spend Halloween in my PJ's. 
Slutty PJ's are not my costume. 
Come home.
Pit stop: Tuscaloosa.
Pit stop: Dallas.
Change my major. 
Change my major. 
Change my major. 
Change my major. 
Eat everything. 
Eat more. 
New Years day with Casey, Kaitlin and Nicole. 
Haven't started packing.
Leave tomorrow. 
All is right.

**Wren's bunny named Cocaine
*A choreographed dance to the song "Birthday Sex"

I mean. Come on. I am so freaking blessed. I have an amazing family, I have amazing friends and so much opportunity that God has blessed me with. Can you imagine what 2012 has in store?   

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  1. cocaine and sex huh? Have a safe trip!
    ~Aunt Sue