Sunday, October 30, 2011


I went to a corn maze for the first time yesterday. To say it was cool would be the world's greatest understatement. I have heard whispers in autumns past about mystical fields made of corn and happiness (who am I kidding-- corn IS happiness) and I knew that one day it would be my turn to make such an epic journey, but never could I have imagined such a wonder.

We walked, and took pictures, and got lost, and ran through the fields, and laughed and took more pictures, and got more lost, and we made way too many corn jokes. But in the brisk fall chill, we had... dare I say it?... the best day of the quarter. I know, pretty big claim, right? 

In case you aren't convinced, Here are some pictures. Oh. And I made a short video. The best one I've ever made. Are you sick of those yet? Because I'm not... In case you couldn't tell. Don't worry. This one is only 3 minutes. That's not too terrible of a time commitment, is it?

If you want to see some more pictas, mosey on over to Frances's place.

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  1. b-e-a-utiful baby girl! i miss you so much! when you come home we're going to spend a whole day adventuring and taking pictures together because it is long over due. love you! <3