Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

(btw-- Major props to Pippa Middleton who looks gorgeous in her bridesmaid's dress, also designed by McQueen)

Let me start off by saying that, no, I did not get up at 6:00 this morning to watch the wedding. I know. What kind of human being am I?
With that being said, the second I woke up around 8:00, I grabbed my computer and spent about 20 minutes going through internet coverage of it and...Oh my gosh...the dress.
Ok, obviously we knew it was going to be amazing (how could it not be? Kate has such impeccable style) but with rumors of Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton to be designing it, I was curious what kind of risks and liberties were going to be taken with the modern princess. The second it popped up on my computer screen I thought two things: 1. Wow. Stunning. I'm obsessed. and 2. Hey-- wait a second. Someone got a hold of my plans for my future wedding dress and gave them to Kate. No fair!
But, in all seriousness, Kate looked absolutely timeless with handsome Prince William by her side. The rest of the wedding (surprisingly short) was so gorgeous and I absolutely loved this moment on the balcony-- and not just because of the kiss! How hilarious is that little flower girl in the corner?! Poor gal just wants everyone to quiet down!


Apparently this McQueen dress is what Kate Changed into for the reception at Buckingham Palace. Very beautiful and a much more simple and modern look. Personally, I like the ceremony dress better, but why have 1 custom designed couture McQueen gown when you can have 2!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


After MONTHS of waiting, Kaitlin. Is. Here.
Phew. What a few days it has been. After Kaitlin got here on Monday evening, I have been easing her into the slow Savannah culture while also allowing for my ridiculously fast paced midterms schedule. Lucky for us, yesterday marked the peak of all things term-y and it is down hill for the rest of the week!
I've been introducing her to all the amazing restaurants that I've been wanting to take her to for months and I haven't pulled out any of the big guns yet, but today we are going to Zunzi's which is going to blow her socks off.
It has been so much fun-- and really weird-- to show her my life here. I had forgotten how far from home Savannah really is and how different things are here.
I cannot wait for the rest of this week.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

No shame.

I have been working my butt off all weekend due to the fact that my seester decided to come visit me during midterms. Poor timing. BUT! I have managed to get almost all of my work for the whole week done (if I work all day tomorrow too) so I can spend every waking moment with her galavanting around the wondrous lands of Savannah. The only way that I could possibly complete the mountain of work that I had this weekend was to rely on two things: Parks and Recreation on Netflix and Oreos. Not only did I watch two whole seasons of Parks and Rec in two days (now officially one of my new favorite shows), but I also polished off a whole row of Oreos. Roughly ten Oreos. In one day.
I've done a pretty good job this year of avoiding major food binges going hand in hand with study sessions and stressful peaks, but today, I just crumbled. Oh, well. I'm fine with it. You should be too. Over eating every once in a while is part of life and A.O.K. in my book.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Laundry Shaundry.

I have been putting this off for way longer than I'd like to admit. But, the time has come. Once you notice that the socks that you've worn more times than you can remember have become a rock-like solid, it's time to take a trip up to the old laundry room.
Crazy stuff goes down up there. One time I found an old turkey sandwich in one of the dryers. Ok, that was a lie. But I still don't like it.
Wish me luck.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Heat

Just as the tides turned weeks ago from Winter to Spring, I am noticing lately the turn from Spring to Summer. You can feel it in the sticky heat that is starting to melt me everyday as I walk around steamy Savannah. You can see it in the way things are starting to move slower and slower. 'Lazy' is no longer a negative trait, but a welcomed fact of life.
But something I didn't expect was the sweet smells that accompany such a unique time of year. I've never experienced anything quite like the smell of Spring the way Savannah offers. There's almost an intoxication of floral aroma going on up and down every street. Every bush and tree in sight are in full bloom and the bright pinks, crisp whites and dewy greens are covering every inch of worthy space. The scents of beautiful blooms makes every day a bit brighter here and I can't help but take a deep breath in as I walk outside everyday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm having one of these days:

I found it literally impossible to open my eyes this morning at 6:45. Impossible. And after barely dragging through class, I came back to the room and tried to read a bit (I have new glasses, you know) but that just made me more shreepy. So, after a quick nap that left me wanting more, I'm about to hit up Art History for a bit. Golly, I'm glad its the weekend. There is much to be done before the arrival of the Golden Surfing Baby on Monday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I got my glasses in the mail today and I'm never taking them off. I love love love them. I already feel smarter and more motivated to do things that require me to use them like reading and studying and working on things that are close up to my face.
I'm going to start making a list of "Things to do that are close to my face" right now.
Number 1 on the list: Making Lists of "Things to do that are close to my face."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mobile Uploads: Charlotte Edition

So, as previously mentioned, we failed to take any pictures this weekend in Charlotte. Lucky for you peeps, I have my trusty camera phone to take some of the load in the Creating Memories department.

Here we have a sleepy Frances Russell getting her Z's on on the way to Charlotte. This comes as no surprise to me having gone on a few road trips now with Frances, who never fails to fall asleep in the car. Sometimes at the wheel. But this time she luckily wasn't driving. Luckily.

I found this winner in a parking lot at a coffee shop we went to. What attracted me to it at first was the disgusting color (I am strongly against any mustard yellow paint being applied to any type of car). But, when I got closer I realized that the magic in this car had to do with the license plate: URMYXTC. Translated to 'You're my Ecstasy.' Genius.

Here I am contemplating buying one more of my all time favorite shirts. To buy or not to buy? To buy or not to buy? To buy or not to buy? Buy! Buy! Buy! Tri-Evergreen, meet your new family, Athletic Blue, Tri-Indigo and Tri-Black.

On Friday, we went to an art exhibit and by far the coolest thing was the way one of the rooms was covered in blue painting tape. And, by the way, that lady is pregnant.

I have been on the hunt for a new pair of readers and I finally found just the right pair this weekend. I don't really think this picture does them justice, so I will be posting more pictures when I get them in da mail this week! And I will take pictures, pictures and more pictures until these glasses look amazing.

Here's a shirt that I found at Anthropologie that I want. Buy it for me? No, really. Buy it for me.

Behold! The world's greatest surprise. Del Taco Combo Burritos are my favorite. And there are no Del Tacos outside of California. Scratch that. I thought there weren't any Del Tacos outside of California. Until I found this one on the side of the road on the way back from Charlotte!!! Turns out there are only TWO other than CA (both are in South Carolina). That burrito never tasted so good.

So, there you have it! Charlotte in a nutshell. Have a lovely evening, friends.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Paula Deen. Butter. Butter. Butter. Paula. Butter.

Paula Deen is kind of a big deal here in Savannah. Only in Savannah can you go on a Paula Deen bus tour, eat at the Paula Deen Restaurant (Lady and Sons), visit her house on the water and pick up just about any Paula memorabilia you could dream of. Now, you're either a fan of Paula and find all of this hub-bub to be hilarious and think her cooking technique of adding butter, butter and more butter is genius or you consider her an annoying woman with no culinary skills whatsoever.
The other day I found this website called and I think that both sets of people will think it's as amazing as I do.

The premise is basic, but it should give you a good laugh on a dragging Monday morning.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


On Thursday night, I essentially "packed my blog lunch the night before" and typed up this little post so that on Friday morning, I could post and we would be on our way. Unfortunately, the early morning monster got to me and in the time between rolling out of bed and getting into Claire's car, I forgot. So here is the original post:

This weekend we are heading to Claire's house in Charlotte, NC.
Food, shopping, exploring, food, shopping, movies. Food. Food.
I can't wait.


Needless to say, we did all of these things.

Indeed, we ate:
Friday. Chik-Fil-A breaky (including me paying for Claire's chicken minis because she won the bet that she wouldn't be able to be on the road before 8:00). Lang Vans lunchy. Smelly Cat Coffee mid-day snacky. Nikko's sushi dinny.
Saturday. Cafe a la Patty (Mrs. Barnhardt) breaky. Split pasta with Wren at CPK lunchy. Shish Kabob's, once again a la Patty (Mrs. Barnhardt) dinny.
Sunday. Cafe a la Patty (Mrs. Barnhardt) breaky. Brunch at the Country Club (I've never felt classier). and.....a surprise cameo from......DEL TACO mid-day snacky! Turns out there are only 2 Del Tacos outside of California and we just so happened to drive by one of them in South Carolina. Uno Combo Burrito, por favor. No dinny.
ANNNDDDD Mrs. Barnhardt made us chocolate chip cookies for the road.
I'm. So. Full.

Indeed, we shopped:
Purchases made at Madewell (shirt), American Apparel (headbands and another one of these), Hong Kong Vintage (dress), Urban Outfitters (shoes), Kate Spade (glasses), Nordstrom Rack (Hangers on sale).
This sounds like a lot. And it is. But I needed everything. Ok, not everything, but most of it. And even if I didn't, you can take your judgement and put it elsewhere because I won't allow it here. Thanks to Don and Linda's perpetual money management training, I know what I'm doing, thank you very much.

Indeed, we explored:
Charlotte is a mess of cool things. Noda (North Davidson). Myer's Park (The Barnhardt Home). The McColl Center (The Green Shadow Show). Meyer's Park Presbyterian (Happy Palm Sunday!). Last Place on Earth (Bought Wren's new Dwarf Bunny named Cocaine. More on this later).

And I didn't work out once and I slept a ton and it rained a lot I laughed a lot and it just felt so good to relax. and Indulge. I love my time in Savannah, but things get small. And stressful. And it feels like so much is changing and evolving and growing around me (good and bad) and I feel so disconnected from the world. It's nice to be reminded there are places and things that matter more than SCAD.

One thing we forgot to do was take pictures. Dang it. Because Charlotte was beautiful beyond all expectations. But, do not fret. We will be going back soon. And by soon I mean, this weekend. Easter. It's on.

Tears on my bun.

I didn't have a chance to pick up one of these little guys when I was home and I am devastated. This, along with about 6 other meals that I didn't get to check off my 'eat list' will just have to wait, I suppose.
Is it bad how obsessed I am with food? Well, if dreaming of in-n-out cheeseburgers is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Happy Thursday, you all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Wedding!

This is going to be a fatty post, so get ready.

This weekend I had the world's greatest honor of being a bridesmaid in my dear friend Tamara (Rather) O'Nan's wedding. Tamara and I met about 5 years when she started volunteering at my churches high school group and I was just a lowly freshman.

(This picture is actually from the first night we met)

Looking back, this was such an interesting time in my and her life and I can totally see God's hand in putting us in each other's lives. The first couple of years of my high school career at Grace, I was literally the only girl and one of the only freshman. With a surplus of volunteers and few girls to take the attention of these leaders, I gladly stepped up and took the role of the annoying stalker who wouldn't leave Tamara alone. Due to both of our heavy involvement in the church, we started to see each other a ton. Sunday mornings at church, Wednesday nights at high school group, every other Thursday for Rear Unit, Friday for lunch and probably at least once more throughout the week. I used to joke that she was probably so sick of me, but had to hang out with me because she was getting paid-- actually, it wasn't so much a joke. I'm still not totally convinced she wanted to be spending quite so much time with me. Either way, willingly or unwillingly, quickly after meeting Tams I knew that she was a very special person and was going to play a huge role in my life.
Throughout high school, the conversations we shared over many, many, many Chipotle burrito bowls were so influential in shaping what kind of young woman I wanted to be and she showed me that, above all else, my relationship with God was something that was the most important thing in my life.

Favorite Tams moments:

Here we are in Tahoe... or maybe Mammoth. This was seconds before I was pelted in the eye with a ball of ice. (Thanks again for that, Clark)

This was the last day of our trip to New Orleans. This field was just begging to be frolicked in.

This is from a mock photo shoot we coordinated for a high school event that never ended up happening. At least she got some good training for her new role as Newport Beach Trophy Wife.

Little known fact: Tamara was my #1 alcohol supplier in high school. Just kidding-- she only did it a few times. Just kidding again. The truth is, we're just cooking. I was boring in high school.

Here are our children that we share custody with. I don't think Tim is aware he just married a single mom. Just kidding. Long Story. Moving on.

Halloween at the roller rink. We are supposed to be our high school group leader and his wife, Brady and Lindsay.
70's bowling. Self Explanatory.

Just picking up some onions and tampons at the market. What else do you really need?

Here we are in Chile. I'm the one in the blue hoodie and red hat most likely complaining about the weather or something stupid.

Looking back on the last 5 years of my life almost all of my greatest memories involve Tamara in some way. We've shopped (way too much), we've traveled the globe, we've dyed our hair, we've laughed ridiculously hard, we've (mostly me-- actually, pretty much all me) cried together and every time we hung out, I would wonder when she'd realize that she was spending way too much time with a lame high schooler and want to hang out with her real friends.
Enter Tim. I was just telling Tamara the other day that the very first time we hung out, I remember driving in her car and hearing her tell me all about her boyfriend, Tim O'Nan, and how they were planning on getting engaged and married within the year. ...That was six years ago. Now, I'm not even going to begin to try and break down the ins and outs of Tim and Tamara's relationship because, although I was around the whole time they were dating, even I don't know how everything went down. And I would definitely be lying if I didn't say that sometimes I wondered about how things would turn out for the two of them. But let it be said that I have watched the the ebb and flow of their relationship for over 5 years and no one is better for Tamara than Tim. The way God has worked in their relationship is unlike anything I've ever seen and when they got engaged this summer, I could not have been happier for them.
Tamara and I were able to hang out just a few days before they got engaged and we were joking about the fact that when she did get engaged, I expected to be first in line as a contestant in the running as one of her bridesmaids. So a few days later when Tim actually did pop the question, I was so worried that Tamara would remember that conversation and feel pressure to actually ask me to be in her wedding because she thought I expected to be or something. So (still so insecure that Tamara considered me an actual friend) and to avoid any undue pressure, I made sure to quickly let her know that I did not in any way expect to be in the wedding and all of our previous conversations were obviously me just joking. I knew that my only role in her wedding was to give her tons of unwanted input and unwarranted advice.
Well, I went off to school and a few months passed by. One day I was innocently checking my e-mail when I got a message from Tamara. I opened it up and this vintage-y video started to play. As I sat and watched I started to get bored and wondered what the point of this video was (sorry, Tams). I was literally just about to close the window when some words popped up on the screen. "Will you be my bridesmaid?" And then I started to scream. And then I started to cry. And then I started to wonder if there had been a mistake. So, I picked up my phone and called Tamara and left her a very fast and very loud voicemail that went something like this. "HI, TAMARA! IT'S ME, JULIA! I JUST GOT YOUR E-MAIL! DID YOU JUST ASK ME TO BE IN YOUR WEDDING!? OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU SURE!? I DON'T WANT YOU TO FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO!? YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND! BUT IF YOU'RE SERIOUS, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO! LIKE, I WOULD LOVE TO! SERIOUSLY! BUT DON'T FEEL ANY PRESSURE! BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO! BUT I WANT TO! BUT...ANYWAY, CALL ME! ONLY IF YOU WANT TO! I KNOW YOU'RE BUSY! K. BYE! TALK TO YOU LATER! BYE!"
A couple hours later, Tams called me and explained that there, in fact, had been no fluke and I was actually supposed to get that e-mail and she really did want me in her wedding. Since then, I have been the world's most attentive absent-tee bridesmaid. Every time I skyped with Tamara, (who, by the way, was/is also simultaneously completing a rigorous PA program while planning her wedding) I would pepper her with annoying questions like "So, how are you feeling? Are you stressed? What do the flowers look like? Are you nervous? What are we eating for dinner? What do I have to do? Am I going to have to give a toast? What if I faint walking down the aisle? Oh, wait-- this isn't about me. It's about you. Are you nervous? What's for dessert?"
Months went by and I was shocked that I still hadn't gotten the call that she'd found someone else to be her 6th bridesmaid and it was my time to graciously bow out (which, I kid you not, I was totally expecting to happen.) The days on the little countdown on my computer got less and less and I was so excited to fly home to be in the wedding. And finally, I did. Besides the fact that I missed my flight home and I was a bit under the weather this weekend, things could not have been more perfect. Seeing Tamara in all her bridal glory made me so happy to be involved in such a special day. Tamara obviously looked so beautiful, Tim looked so handsome and the wedding was absolutely flawless. Being in their wedding was an honor that I will never ever forget and I am so happy to be a witness to this beautiful marriage. I could literally go on and on about Tamara and the wedding and me, for that matter, but I'm going to stop myself before I bore everyone to death.

My pictures kind of suck, but I grabbed a few on the big day. Here's me and the beautiful bride!

Look who showed up! Don and Linda sure do clean up nice, eh?

This picture cracks me up. I have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever, but I had so much fun dancing the whole night. Me and my AMAZING heels pulled it off without any major face plants.

Tamara and Tim are currently honeymooning in Mexico but, if you guys are reading this, thank you so much for involving me in such a special day and I am so excited to witness the amazing things in store for you both. I'm just going to enjoy this time before you guys realize that it was a huge mistake to have me there.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Yesterday was the most ridiculous day of traveling, but after such a smashingly successful weekend, I couldn't let it bring me down too much. I am back in Savannah in the comfort of my chillingly air conditioned room (the temps are starting to creep up again here) and I have much to do. There will be an extensive re-cap post coming up very soon, but until then lets just say my voice is still gone, my feet are still sore, and the bride and groom are somewhere in Mexico enjoying their honeymoon. Translation: 100% successful wedding weekend.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Of Course.

I wait 4 months to come home.
4 months to eat good Mexican food.
4 months to go on a hike.
4 months to hang out with my family.
4 months to walk around Balboa.
And now I feel sick. Of course.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going Back to Cali

I have been waiting FOREVER to be able to say that TODAY, I am going home. It's an early morning here in Savannah, but this in no way is hindering my excitement for the rest of the day. In a few hours, I will be driving the streets of the Greater Orange County Area once more and getting ready to enjoy a great weekend. Between eating as much Mexican food in four days as physically possible and basking in the presence of the ones I love, I cannot wait to be in Tamara's wedding this Saturday!!! There will most definitely be a whole blog post explaining the significance and amazingness of this, but until then, I'm off the the airport to hop a flight to paradise.
Farewell, Savannah friends. This jetsetter is on her way!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

N-Never Say Never. N-Never Say Never.

Just to name a few...

Skylark Circle.

Skylark Circle.

Port Carlow.

Port Carlow.

Pirate Road.
Pirate Road.

There are countless lessons I've learned from Justin Bieber.
1. When wearing purple sunglasses, always pair it with a purple hoodie, purple jeans and a purple hat.
2. When you meet Usher for the first time, never abandon the opportunity to sing him one of his own songs.
3. Canada produces amazing people.
4. Being 5'3" is not all bad.
5. And finally, Never. Say. Never.

Ok, let's go back to that last one. Never Say Never is not only the name of one of his most influential and popular songs, but it also is the name of the recent inspirational documentary based on his life. Why am I referencing a 17 year old pop sensation as my guide to life at this moment? Because the words "Never say never" hold special value lately.

My family moves. We move a lot. Eighteen times to be exact. (Yes, 18. If you want me to break it down to prove it to you, I will.) Last time we moved was about 4 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. My parents promised-- swore, in fact, that this would be the last move for quite a while. They said that the next move would be well past after Kaitlin and I both had graduated from college. Well, as a wise man once said (not Justin this time) "Promises are meant to be broken" because it appears that once again my room will be converted into a virtual cardboard jungle as I pack up my things and cross the threshold of Bigger and Better.

Does this constant nomadic behavior bother me? Sometimes. But I have also learned through the years that a house is so so so much more than a structure. It's the people that move house to house with me. It's the pictures of memories that get nailed and re-nailed and re-nailed and re-nailed again in every house. It's the conversations we have around the dinner table. It's so much more than cardboard boxes can hold. This news comes with rather odd timing in that I just so happen to be going home this Wednesday for a few days and it seems that this will be the last time I will be seeing the insides of 307 Pirate Road. I am so thrilled to be able to spend a few more days with my family in such an amazing house with so many great memories.

This time, just like every other time, I am so thrilled to see what happens next in our family. God has shown to me time and time again that his plan is so much greater than anything I can even begin to imagine.

The best part of all of this? It's my turn to get the big room. I'm thinking... exposed brick, hardwood floors... rich yellow accents... ? I don't know. Still brainstorming.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Go, Shorty. It's ya birfday.

Spencer. It's her birthday. Actually, it was her birthday...last Sunday. But, tonight, we celebrate.
The plan: sushi and chocolate. Need I say more? Spencer is even breaking out the long awaited leather dress. That's right, folks. The leather dress. Pictures later.