Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do you want to see Frances cry?

Frances Russell is many things. Some of who she is may be obvious to most who know her: a sister, a daughter, a friend, a runner, a Texan, and an artist. (I've even heard people refer to her as mysterious.)

But something that I only learned about Frances as I grew to know her more was her propensity to slightly... how should I put it? ...overreact? ...over dramatize?... No. Those sound too negative. How about this-- Frances has an amazing appreciation for the theatricality of life. Yes. 

A specific moment comes to mind from last year when we returned to Frances' dorm room after being in class and within seconds of walking in the door, her eyes fixated on the empty space on her desk and Frances, eyes wide, arms up, and legs frozen, began to yell,"MY COMPUTER HAS BEEN STOLEN! GUYS! IT'S GONE. IT'S BEEN STOLEN. IT'S NOT ANYWHERE. THEY TOOK IT. THEY TOOK MY COMPUTER." 

After about 15 seconds of scanning the room, I interrupted her and asked, "Hey, wait-- is that it by your foot?" 

Turns out, it was. 

Other notable examples are her expressions, hand motions and come on-- have you ever seen the girl dance

Well, this past Saturday morning, after patiently awaiting for weeks, Frances and I sat down on our computers to buy tickets to Frances' favorite band, Radiohead. She convinced me that going to one of their concerts would change my life for the better and there was absolutely no more of a constructive way to spend my money. Although I have yet to fully listen to one Radiohead song and I typically shy away from any sort of music that doesn't allow me to sing along to a bubblegummy chorus, I opted in. 

So there we sat. Waiting for 10:00 am to roll around, knowing that we had to work fast because this concert would definitely sell out.

2 minutes. 

1 minute. 


And then this happened. 

If you want to watch Frances go from total elation to emotional low back to total elation, please watch the video below. 

If you want to watch me go from mostly ambivalence to least supportive friend ever back to mostly ambivalence, please watch the video below.

Seriously, I have probably watched this about 8 times now and it never stops being funny. And not just because I'm in it. 


  1. i have never laughed so hard while sitting in my room all by myself. that was amazing.

  2. I just showed this to all my to say we all peed our pants! hahahahaha


  3. i am dying laughing right now. haha frances and i need to become friends. lol

  4. This is incredible!!! What we'll do for a concert...