Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!

It's the most anticlimactic holiday of the year and I am thrilled to be spending it with the Page family for our annual (or semi-annual celebration. Let's just not talk about last year).

I will say that I am in a bit of a panic because I have nothing sparkly/silver/gold in my closet anymore since I returned those shoes the other day and now I am le screwed. What's New Years Eve without a little sparkle?

It's just like any other night then, I suppose.

PS- Patton family, doesn't this remind you of what we were talking about last night? But in a funnier way.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Giving

Tonight, we are wrapping up all things Christmas by celebrating with the my dad's side of the family this afternoon. I can't wait to close my eyes and pretend that it's Christmas morning again when it clearly is not, but it makes the fact that real Christmas is a whopping 360 days away less painful. I also can't wait to eat a bunch of these pulled pork tacos I have been hearing about the last couple days because not only is this the end of year end giving, but year end eating as well. Lookout, waistband, the war is far from over!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My loving mother also brought it to my attention yesterday that my adorable jr. high picture bears a striking resemblance to Charlize Theron.

Hold on.

Not This Charlize Theron. Not hot Charlize Theron.

This Charlize Theron. The Charlize Theron who earned an Oscar portraying lesbian prostitute serial killer, Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster.

It's ok. I see it too. 

Sad Goodbyes and Happy Hellos.

Last night I had some sort of panic attack when it hit me all of a sudden that I have 5 days until I leave for Savannah. With family still here from Christmas until tomorrow and New Years Eve/Day taking up two whole days, my relatively free social calendar for the last six weeks has suddenly filled up and I am running out of time to see and do and play and eat all things Newport for another 3 months. Like I said: panic attack.

On the other side of that coin comes major excitement that I will soon be reunited with my Savannah family and getting back into the swing of some very exciting classes and major creativity! Believe it or not, I kind of miss these crazy hoodlums and our shitty house.

There is this weird pull that I've been thinking about lately, when it comes to living on two coasts. Especially, when you are genuinely happy at both places for different reasons. It comes with this nasty pressure to spend a real, quality amount of time with people in spite of holidays and plans and school schedules and I can't deal with all the emotion right now. I smell an airport breakdown on the 2nd and I'm not ashamed. It happened last year, why no make it a tradition?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

For a Morning Laugh

This is a real life picture of me the summer before 7th grade.

I found this sucker on my mom's computer the other day and I could not believe my eyes. Oh, sweet baby fat, you are a cruel mistress. Ever since, it has been sitting on my desktop making me laugh/cringe every time I see it. I have been debating making this my Facebook profile picture, but I feel like I look just enough the same that some may assume that it was taken recently. And I just can't take that chance. But, risking public humiliation and intense ridicule, this bad boy needed to be shared in some way. Behind the sun bleached hair, confusing blotchy skin patterns, holiday colored braces, and prematurely fast growing bosom, is a future fashion student screaming for air and a pair of red suede platforms recently stolen from a street walker.

Oh, I am so glad that I am getting old enough that my awkward jr. high pictures are finally becoming more funny than embarrassing.

Monday, December 26, 2011

By the Way...

I'm returning these suckers. Don't judge me.

They were sparkly and beautiful and Bill Cunningham would have been so proud, but ultimately, I was never going to wear them.

Sad day.

I exchanged them for a pair of black leather loafers. About as run of the mill as you can get. But I prefer to classify them as "classics."

Leave me alone.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I hope this isn't awkward.

It is 11:19 and Christmas is coming to a close. I am so sad. But also overwhelmed with thankfulness at what a beautiful day it turned out to be.

Quality time with family, laughter, presents, and food. What's not to love?

And I got these shoes from my mom and dad. (read: from my mom.)

It went like this:

Open box
Gasp at the amazingness of shoe
Instantly proud of my mom for buying something so daring
"Oh my gosh! I love them!"
Proudly hold them up to my family who are all looking on
Wonder why they all look so horrified
Realize to the untrained eye, they bare a striking resemblance to that of a hooker
Their shocked silence quickly turns into sarcasm and ridicule
They make fun of me
I slowly lower them back into the box
I close the box
...But I like them
Maybe I'll exchange them for flats
...But I like them
But I'm not a prostitute
Take them in my bedroom
Accidentally try them on while I'm switching from a dress to sweats and only wearing a black slip
This does nothing to convince me that I don't look like a whore
Leave them at time-out in my room while I carry on with the rest of Christmas festivities
The shoes haunt me
I wonder, will I wear these?
Will I wear these in Newport?
Will I wear these in Savannah?
That's it
Emergency mass text to the roomies
"Keep or exchange"
Resounding unanimous "Keep"
I try them on again
I trip
Time passes
I try them on again
I am in love
Why did I ever doubt you, oh red platform wonders?
You are jazzy, and tall, and comfortable, and red.
I am ashamed, but you are merciful
My toes are warm in your arms
I go to bed happy.


Good morning, Christmas! 

It's here! I just woke up and I can already smell my mom's signature egg dish baking in the oven.

I will be documenting every moment of today and posting it later, but wait! A Christmas miracle! Alyssa Burlingham is awake! And before 10:00! I can't believe my eyes! 

Maybe it's because I was jumping on the bed and singing Christmas songs to wake her up, buttt.... either way. This needs to be documented. 

Ahh, yes, those sparkly eyes are filled with the wonder of the holiday and the question on everyone's mind, "What did Santa get me for Christmas?" (Alyssa still believes-- everyone plays along. It's sad, in a way, that a 20 year old girl still thinks Santa exists, but what can I say? Alyssa leads a simple life.)

Anywho-- I'm going to go open my stocking. It's my favorite part of Christmas. Who am I kidding- I love everything about Christmas!!!

Ay yi yi! I am so happy! I love Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry, Merry!

This week has been quite the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, Holiday get togethers, sparkly decorations and sugary foods (lots and lots of food). I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon and pancakes and a smile on my face because the time is here; All of the preparation and planning for family guests is coming to a head and the Burlingham (mom's side) relatives are trickling in one by one. I am excited. But also overwhelmed. So much personality in one room. So many jokes and stories all being told at once to everyone at the same time. Something that can only be fully understood if witnessed with your own eyes. But to try and understand, put the thirst for adventure and sheer exuberance of Linda Patton, the volume and Christmas wonder of Kaitlin Patton, the dashing good looks of Julia Patton all into one person (with some spiked egg nog) and multiply by 14 different people, all of different ages with completely different interests and goals and there you have a glimpse of the holidays with the Burlingham family. (btw- take the COMPLETE opposite and you'll have an idea of Patton holidays). But, like I said: I am excited. I honestly wouldn't want this week to go any other way (except for if the missing cousins could be here. Amelia- are you sure you can't just hop on a quick plane ride from Germany to So Cal?)

Anywho- I will be taking tons of pictures and surely videos as well to compile into a delightful video to catch a glimpse the holiday spirit, but until then, Bushka will continue to be a lonely place for a few more days. 

Merry Christmas to you all!!! 

PS- If you are still looking for the perfect holiday music station, I strongly suggest R&B/Pop Holiday Pandora. Found it this morning. What a gem. Better late than never. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Wish I Was a Dancer

I have always thought that if I had a chance to be naturally gifted at one athletic niche, it would be dancing.

Not only do I not possess one ounce of natural rhythm, but dancing makes me so incredibly uncomfortable, that I do my best to avoid it at all costs. I have always loved watching other people dance, though. Whether it's a professional who's strength and grace is able to convey such beautiful emotion and precision or someone who is a complete novice, but is still able to let go of all inhibitions and have so much fun that it's impossible not to see it on their face, I just love it. Sometimes, when I challenge my insecurities and make my way out on the floor, halfway through a song, I catch myself awkwardly in a trance of one repeating dance move because I am too preoccupied with watching someone else. It is always uncomfortable when they catch me staring.

I have been thinking this over more and more lately after Dancing and I had a run-in a few weeks ago at a fancy shmancy Christmas party I got to attend with my family; After avoiding the dance floor all night, My Grandpa, an amazing dancer, all dressed up in his tux, asked me to dance with him and I, of course, said yes. As we made our way from our table, I noticed that there were literally no other couples dancing at the moment. Panic set in. Trying to avoid my biggest fear of all eyes being on me while simultaneously doing something I felt absolutely zero confidence in, I suggested that we wait until a few more people started dancing too. But, completely seeing right through my empty strategy, he stated that this was actually better, in fact, because with no one on the dance floor, "We would have more room to really show our stuff." He strongly grabbed my hand and, all thanks to him, we glided effortlessly around and round. Halfway through the song, after fumbling a bit, I justified my shakiness by telling him that I was sorry for all the teetering and that I blame two left feet for the missteps. In seconds, without even a reply to my statement and completely ignoring any of my shallow self doubt, he seamlessly guided me into an effortless twirl so graceful and light, that all of the eyes that had been the center of my thoughts and concerns disappeared and, for a moment, I was Ginger Rogers to his Fred Estaire. I felt a cool mix of brave and in control with femininity and charm. And just as quickly as he spun me out, I was back in the safety of his arms. With such confidence and poise that can only be earned by a man with stripes of a true Gentlemen, he looked down at me and he whispered in my ear,"You're doing great, kid." For the rest of the song, I was on air.

I seem to have quite the collection of dance inspired videos saved on my computer and I have about 10 more (believe it or not) but here are my faves. I promise you that they are worth it.

P.S. Remember this sweet ballerina?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It Feels So Good to Give a Present

Christmas is in five days. How in the world did that happen?

I'm at the stage in the Christmas process of finally knowing what all of my gifts will be, but not quite having them in my possession or wrapped under the tree yet. All in due time, children. All in due time.

Today I came across a little video my animator Kirsten Lepore (Yo Gabba Gabba anyone?) about the fun of giving presents. It's adorable. And happy. And just the motivation I needed to change out of my pajamas at 10:45 and get my butt over to the mall to finish my shopping.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I don't give myself enough credit for my own potential.

Still floundering...

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Sorry about being a little blog light lately. A few reasons for this- one being that I have been uncommonly busy this last week with extreme productivity! Finally, right? And the second being that, although busy, there has been some considerable writers block of some sort. Ironically, this writer's block came the same day I finally took the plunge and added a writing class to my schedule next quarter and it has hung around ever since. Hmm. Quite suspect, if you ask me. 

My annual floundering of minds is back and I'm starting to question my major. (It's about that time again, right?) I've been finding myself overwhelmed with questions of the future and how what I want versus what I am good at fits together. 


Haven't we been here before? I am sort of getting sick of this. No. I am sick of this. 

Ugh. But you know what I need? I need to be more trusting in God's plan instead of trying to forge my own. And I need to pray for patience. Why am I trying to do this alone? Come on, Julia. Pull it together. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh, Tenenbaum.

The Patton Christmas tree is officially complete and it stands tall and bright with the splendor of a thousand suns.

Being in a new house every Christmas typically poses some fun challenges like where in the world to put all of our boxes and boxes of christmas decorations. With this house being significantly smaller than usual, lil' Lindy and I considered downsizing the decor and sticking with the Christmas theme of less is more. But, after deciding that downsizing decor also proportionally downsizes Christmas Cheer, we ended up putting out all we had to give and never looking back.

A major example of the opulence is seen in our beautiful, hand picked delivered tree that we adorned with colorful lights and hundreds of ornaments that my mother has collected over the last 30 years.

My favorites are always the adorable wooden Bavarian men she got when she lived in Germany in college. They are presh. 

After we put up the final ornament, we took a step back and stood in awe of our creation. But we both agreed that there was something missing. The tree, although beautiful needed one more touch of Christmas Joy.

Eventually it was decided that I crochet some cheerful yarn garland (or, as I like to call it: yarland).

So, me and Ryan Gosling spent last night snuggled up by the fire, watching Cowboys and Aliens and putting the finishing touches on our tree. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. 

After I crocheted up all the red and green yarn Michael's had to offer, we hung it on the tree (so glad R.G. was there to reach the tall parts) and voila! It was perfect. What a Christmas Miracle! And look-- it compliments the adorable picture of Toddler Julia so nicely!

Monday, December 12, 2011



It's funny because it's true.

Kitchen Crisis

I'm in the middle of making dinner for all my favorite BIOLA girls to feed their overworked and undernourished bodies in their finals week madness and I am loving this cozy rainy weather, but something is going awry with the sauce on the chicken. I don't know what. But it's just off.

Then again, if anyone of you B-10 ladies is reading this, rest assured that you will be enjoying a delicious meal by tonight! I promise....

I think.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

Remember how I told you little kidlets to hurry up and watch Bill Cunningham: New York? Because it was amazing and inspiring and because Bill Cunningham is weird and adorable? Well, even though none of you have watched it yet, I have taken the lessons of Bill and his crusade of fashion fun with me. Something kind of funny has happened and now whenever I get dressed in the morning (or... let's be honest... usually more around 11:00) I think of poor Bill riding around NY on his bike wondering where all of the creatively dressed people are. So I put down the jeans and indulge in a little more imaginative outfit.  

So the other day, when I was being fiscally responsible and returning an unneeded pair of shoes to the mall, I stumbled across these beauties. Typically, my wardrobe consists of lots of pattern and color while still standing firmly on the side of practical. I never buy anything that wouldn't match with lots of other colors. And I never buy anything that seems to attract a lot of attention. I smiled at them and thought of all of the great outfits they would complete, but then walked away leaving them for a more bold shopper to make the move. 

Then I heard the voice or Mr. Cunningham in my head whispering, "Why not? Don't be so dreary!" So, before the courage left me, I turned around, grabbed the pair, walked up to the salesman and confidently stated,"Size 8, please!"

10 minutes later, I walked out of the store with a new pair of glitter covered shoes. 

Somewhere in New York, Bill Cunningham is smiling. 

Now I just need to build up enough confidence again to actually wear them outside of my room. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm still sick.

But I do feel somewhat better. Or. Wait. No. Not better. Just different. What was simply a throat thing yesterday has turned into a head whatever today. So hopefully by tomorrow, this sickness will have continued upwards in my body and will either attack  my hair or just leave my whole body for good.

Even though my day has so far consisted of one outfit change from pajamas to sweats, one Peet's run for my favorite Xiao's Blend Tea and a lot of couch sitting and internet surfing, I feel that I have picked up little random beads of information and joy that have kept this day from being a total loss.

Let me elaborate.

Here are the things that I have learned today:

1. I'm really starting to miss these goons. Olivia just sent me an onslaught of memories that made me go "Aww..." and reminisce over the last quarter.

2. I want to see this movie.

3. According to Frances, this is the "best song of the season." Let's see if you agree.

Meanwhile, my number 1 play of the holiday season is the Mamas and the Papas rendition of Dream a Little Dream.

4. SCAD was just ranked as 1 of the top 8 schools for a Fashion Education! How great! (How in the world did FIDM make the list...)

5. There's something really great about being sick at home during winter with nothing to do. Laziness is my forte and I feel that I am really excelling at it at the moment.

At the same time, I would love for the pounding in my head to stop so I can start doing something of actual merit. Hmm..

Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Now I know why I was so tired last night. The germs have attacked my throat and I woke up this morning with a terribly gnarly cold. Boo. I have spent the day being cozy and lazy with lots of tea and lots of bad TV. 

But! I have not let the unexpected icky-ness stop me from my earlier stated creative endeavors. My brain is still cranking out ideas and the second my head stops pulsating, I'm climbing back on the saddle. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I just want to go to bed.

It is 9:57 and I am literally forcing my eyes open. All I want is for the clock to make it to 10:00 so I can let myself go to bed. Why in the world am I so tired?

I am such an old lady.

Today is the Day

Today is the day that I begin productivity. I am going to sew, I am going to sketch and  I am going to research until I am happy with the results. No more of this monkey business.

Other details of the day include: 

Wearing- My new, ├╝ber cool 'wolf wearing bow in fur sweater.'
Eating- Food Trucks with Casey and Mother at 11:30 during all of our respective mid day work breaks
Listening to- Pine Moon, Fiest (and probably a little country when I need a pick-me-up)
Room Temp- a balmy 72 degrees (to the chagrin of my sweaty parents)
Surrounded by- Beautiful Christmas decorations (Exhibit A: the iconic felt advent you see behind me)

Monday, December 5, 2011

My All Time Favorite Movie Scene

George: What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary. 

Mary: I'll take it. Then what? 

George: Well, then you can swallow it, and it'll all dissolve, see... and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair... am I talking too much? 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Artist/Friend, Friend/Artist

Dear Frances has launched her very first official website to showcase her amazing art. The website and her art all look great and I am so excited for her. You should all clicky clicky right here and check it out! These are a few of my favorite pieces of hers.

Also (a few months late), while you're at it, take some time to look at my friend, Baille's website too. She is a fellow fashion major who's talent comes second only to her good looks and whitty sense of humor.

You guys are so talented and I am lucky to be surrounded by such creative women!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011: Eat Until You Die

Ahhh, yes. Here it is. The Thanksgiving chronicles of the Patton family. We ate, we laughed, we cried.

I hope yours was as great as mine.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, as many of you guessed, yes, that picture of my sexy legs was taken at the hair salon yesterday. And yes, I did dye my hairs.

I'm just going to come out and say it: 50% of why I dye my hair is for my own enjoyment, but the other solid 50% is definitely to find new and exciting ways to reveal it on my blog. I purposely do things in my life, just so I can blog about them later. There. I said it.

I had a pretty solid idea yesterday of how I wanted to unveil my new head. Then I had a conversation with my mom about the blog and how, like I've mentioned before, Bushka In The City is essentially just a daily  homage that I've constructed to myself. "Ode to Julia," if you will.

With that idea in mind, I decided to make this little ditty playing up that idea while simultaneously revealing my new do. (Which I love, by the way)

Before you watch it, let me just take a second to justify this ridiculous behavior with a few tidbits of information:
  • This winter break I have no job and spend most of my days alone. Killing time. I am definitely not complaining, but this new found surplus of free time... well... it changes you. 
  • With no one to hang out with comes resourcefulness. Exhibit A: McGiver'd Tripod for my iPhone to record this footage made out of a cup and a pad of paper. 
  • I always feel amazing about myself after I get my hair cut. Not only do I allow the narcissism, but I welcome it. 
  • I did get complimented on my outfit 4 separate times today (which only added fuel to the Ego Fire). I mean, not gonna lie... it was a pretty killer outfit. 
  • Yes, I know this is embarrassing. I'm ok with that. 
  • I secretly/ not so secretly want this video to become a viral sensation. TOGETHER, WE CAN!
Ok, now you can watch it. 


Nevermind. Whatever. Just watch it. But don't judge me. Or do. I don't even care. But seriously. I do care. Don't judge me. It's supposed to be funny! Gosh! Nobody laughs at anything anymore. People are so sensitive. And, like, think that they're way too cool for school. It's like, Oh my gosh. Lighten up! You know what, after you watch this video, don't feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for you. HA!

...I am such a loser. 

Ok. Just watch it. 

Funny, right? Or pathetic. I don't know. Either way, I like my new hair. You should, too.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.

Wait. I literally can't breathe.
I know for a fact that none of you believe me when I say that, but I'm. Dead. Serious.
My chest hurts. It's tightening. My chest hurts and I can't breathe.
These pictures. I mean...
Look. Just look.
Look at the photographs for the new book, Dior Couture, by Patrick Demarchelier.
They are so beautiful.

Let it be known in all of the land that this is officially added to the Christmas Wishlist.

"Buuuuuy Meeeee," Dior Couture.  

Can you guess where I am?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wish List

I was going to wait until December 1st to post this, but I just couldn't wait anymore. I am terrible with these because usually I think of something that I would love as a gift and then two minutes later, it has completely disappeared from my brain, but this year, my trusty iPhone 4 and I created a system of lists that has kept me from forgetting anything therefore allowing you guys to buy me more. Some are expensive and ridiculous and some are cheap and ridiculous. There's something for everyone! Isn't that nice of me?

This is my official Christmas wish list:

Pasta maker- there is nothing better than homemade pasta and it is so incredibly easy... as long as you have pasta maker

Light box- I will be needing a light box more and more in the next couple years of school and having one of my own would be ideal. I just told my parents about this the other day and my mom said that my dad made his own back when they were first married. What? Cool! Now I want a homemade light box. 

iPod- Remember how mine got stolen? :( I hate asking for this as a gift and I've always bought my own, but I figured I'd throw it in there.

iPad- I don't expect anyone to actually buy this for me. But I feel like as a gadget fan and human living in 2011, I'd be so lame not to ask for one. 

Records- I got my amazing record player for my birthday and have been slowly building my record catalogue ever since. Buying records is tricky ground because obviously I have to like the music, but if you are 100% confident that I will like a certain record, I probably will. I like people's music recommendations-- especially when having them on vinyl makes them automatically cool. 

Socks- I am easily the coldest person in the world. I am always cold. And, how convenient, my roommates are always hot. This typically results in a conversation quite similar to this: Us sitting on the couch and someone passively mentions "Did someone turn the heat on?" (and by someone they totally mean me). Then someone else chimes in with "Yeah-- it is so freaking hot in here. I can't breathe." This is always stated very sincerely as if they are literally going to suffocate and die. Then I, typically, in a defensive and irrational tone, say something to the affect of "How are you guys hot!? It's like negative 76 degrees in here!" Inevitably, 4 against 1 wins and the heat is turned off. And I freeze to death. So, I need socks. Warmer than the target ankle peds I wear now. But nothing with lots of pattern. Mostly neutral colors, if you please. 

Cool Coffee Table Books- Actually, just this book that Kaitlin showed me the other day called Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life. But if you happen to find any other interesting books that are also visually appealing, I'd love to display them in the competitive real estate that is the book shelf behind my bed. 

That lipstick at Mac that made me feel like a million bucks- I've always wanted a signature lipstick and there have been many that tried and failed, but I think I may finally be on to something. There was a key component that is vital to the success of a red lip-- something I only learned about post break down this weekend: Lip Liner. Apparently, if you're gonna be a Red Lipstick kind of gal (something I totally think I have the potential to be if given the chance), you need to go the extra mile and pull out the lip liner. The name of the lipstick was Russian Red and the lipliner was Kiss Me Quick.

Old Typewriter- I want a typewriter real bad. But I only want it if it's old and cool looking. This would be the gift that, if done correctly, would go down in the books as one of the all time greats. The look on my face when I unwrap the present and reveal the old, worn in keys might actually bring me to tears. I want to write. Lots and lots of writing. And I feel like the clunky and loud properties of an old typewriter would only enhance the words on the page. I mean, similar to the idea of "if these walls could talk," imagine the worlds and the possibilities of scenarios that have gone down on an old typewriter?

Monday, November 28, 2011

On Topic

For the record, let me just say that that whole entire post was initially intended to be an ode to Madewell. I even found this video to attach, but I guess I got a little sidetracked.

Readers Digest version: Madewell is great. Everyone looks good in their jeans. Everyone likes their jeans. Being at Madewell was the shopping highlight of my day.

Watch this video of the laughably fashionable and singularly named "Jac" (Madewell's head denim designer) discuss why she's "Owbsayssed" with her job.

Black Saturday

This Saturday started out innocently enough.

"Let's go get breakfast," my mom said. "Let's go shopping and spend the day together."

"Good enough for me," I thought as I sipped on the most perfect vanilla latte from Eat Chow. With Kaitlin across the table, I devoured half of the eggs benedict that I intended to split with my mom, but after taking a few bites of their Breakfast Carnitas Tacos Special, I made the yucky face and pressured my mom to gimme back my eggs benny! I hadn't gotten to go on my usual Black Friday excursion this year due to a lack of wingman (Rule #1: NEVER go to Black Friday without a wingman-- or too many wingmen, for that matter) so I was looking forward to the hustle and bustle of shopping between Thanksgiving and New Years. Rushed madness.

The goals were set out and easily achievable. Our shopping list included, but was not limited to:
1. Boots for Kaitlin
2. Formal Dresses for a ball (yes, a ball as in Cinderella) for Kaitlin and Mom. And sort of me too-- I already had a strong option, but hey- did looking ever hurt anyone?
3. Jeans for Kaitlin

My roles:
1. Style Compass
2. Moral Support (which I was running low on thanks to a sudden wave of nausea that hit me fast and hard-- I blame the Breakfast Carnitas Taco Special)

So when we drove to the mall (South Coast Plaza, to be exact) our positive spirits were immediately uplifted by the fact that we got the pole position and that the mall was virtually empty at 10:30. We walked around Loehman's searching for the perfect gowns (yes, gowns as in Cinderella), but didn't find much.
I found cool knit gloves and a sweater with a wolf on it. Sold.

Next we hit DSW for boots and Nordstrom Rack for gowns leaving with no luck for Kaitlin and Mom in regards to the list.
I found comfy pajamas. Sold.

By the way, let me just mention that at this point, the mall had filled up to it's normal yet completely overcrowded post Thanksgiving capacity and between the three of us, there had been close to 50 failed ball gowns. Emotions were already running high and blood sugar levels getting dangerously low.

We convinced mom to keep the faith and Kaitlin suggested that we try Macy's. From my perspective, this had "Bad Idea" written all over it. I knew Macy's was going to have amazing sales therefore bringing in large crowds. And for our group of 2/3 non shoppers and 1/3 grumpy nauseous Julia, I didn't think it would be such a good idea. But, we went anyway thanks to me wielding my main bargaining chip of knowing that Madewell was on the same side of the mall as Macy's. And I just really like Madewell.

This is really when we got to see the differences in Kaitlin and my shopping style. Kaitlin is of the school of "grab everything-- something is bound to work" (a strong and valid strategy) while, I prefer a more focused approach of "in order to maintain a healthy amount of morale and self confidence let's just choose things that we actually think have a fighting chance."

Kaitlin won. So we tried on about 20 more dresses. One of which turned out to be absolutely gorgeous on Kaitlin. Sold.

Still nothing for mom, though. And after sitting quietly in the corner as she tried on dress after dress after dress that I knew were not going to work even before they were off the hanger, I had to stand my ground on the red dress. The red dress was a monstrosity that Kaitlin felt strongly would look great on mom. I felt strongly that it would not. After trying to convince them that it wasn't even worth our time to even try it on, Linda pulled it on and zipped it up. This is when I start sounding crazy. The fatigue and hunger and nausea of the day culminated in that smelly dressing room with the sticky floors and I couldn't take it anymore. I burst into tears and laughter. Simultaneously. And then separately. And then in a weird sort of pulsing crying, laughing, crying, laughing pattern. Every fiber of my fashion major being wanted to scream and I had visions of every single professor in Eckburg screaming "YOU FAIL!" at me. Yes. The dress was that ugly. Mom and Kaitlin agreed, but looked at me like I was crazy as I just sat there underneath a mountain of dresses that I was supposed to be hanging back up and let my freak flag fly. No shame. Tears and laughter. Laughter and tears. So, while mom consoled me and tried to figure out what in the world was wrong, Kaitlin made one more sweep of the gowns that we had yet to try. She came back with one. Mom tried it on. Gold. Pure gold. Sold.
I found nothing at Macy's. Because I hate Macy's.

While Kaitlin checked out their boots, mom tried to console me and what can really only be described as a tantrum with makeup products. Trying to channel the J.Crew ads of late, I had impulse bought some orange lipstick earlier this week at CVS that I was pretty pumped about later discovering that I was the only one who thought it flattered my alabaster complexion. So she gently suggested that we try out some more colors. We went to Mac. We found the perfect red lipstick. With a brazen lip and my second wind, I put my now terrifying hair into a top knot and my mood was immediately changed.

The rest of the day kind of blends together in a storm of people and purchases. Somehow I ended up with a pair of booties from Aldo, a skirt and sweater on sale from J. Crew a dress (also on sale) from Madewell and two identical pairs of wide legged jeans also from Madewell (hey-- if you find jeans that work, work them hard).

As we left the mall, I looked at my phone and saw that it was literally 5:00.





5:00 PM.


As in 7 hours after we got there.

And 7 hours since breakfast.

And 8 shopping bags later.

By the way, Kaitlin found boots and they are amazing. And also three pairs of jeans from Madewell that make her butt look like a million dollars.

As we drove home with the smell of Dorias pick-up infusing our car, I dramatically laid down in the back on the car and recounted the happenings of the day. As I did, I realized that we had in fact made all of the necessary purchases and then some. So was it worth it? Were the crowds and the mayhem and the mountains of failed clothes all worth the deals and the successes that we walked away with?

Friday, November 25, 2011


Do you ever have those moments when you come across someone and think to yourself, "I will never be as cool as you"? (Spencer, I'm basically talking to you). Well, I have them ALL THE TIME. It's called art school, people.

Today, I had one of those moments.

One of my favorite stores, Zara, and the amazingly stylish online institution that is The Selby, teamed up to showcase some of Zara's new fall pieces while following around English artist, Lucy Chadwick as she discusses her life and her home(s) in New York.

To quote Frances Russell, this makes me homesick for my future. I mean, let me break it down for you:

Cool job.
Cool hair.
Cool glasses.
Cool house.
Cool other house.
Cool produce from cool open market from which she probably makes her cool but deliciously healthy cool meals.

My only small critique would have to be that I would just prefer my significant other to have less hair. But, hey, that's just me.

In other news, it has been a glorious week since coming home. So far, I have woken up smiling every morning (and afternoon-- post nap) thankful to be from such a beautiful place surrounded by such beautiful people. Speeeaking of thankfulness, let me tell ya-- get excited for a Patton Family Thanksgiving Day Video coming your way.

And boy do I mean get ready because it's going to blow your socks off.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I love Thanksgiving. It sort of forces me to put on my rose colored glasses of gratitude. The days leading up and especially the actual day has me in the mindset that makes me realize that I have nothing to complain about in my life. Nope. Nothing.

This morning, I woke up, fumbled around for those rosy glasses on my nightstand and after I slid them on... Oh, lookey there! My whole room looks different! I've only been awake for 14 minutes, but already there is so much I've seen.

I'm thankful for this bed. It's warm, and safe, and comfortable.
I'm thankful for these legs that allow me to get up every morning and greet my family in the living room.
I'm thankful for good plumbing. And working pipes. Good showers and working toilets are not something to be scoffed at.
I'm thankful for laughter. For example, I walked out the living room this morning and saw my dad wearing plaid shorts. And I laughed.
I'm thankful for technology that allows me to wish friends and family that are far away a happy Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for the music that is coming out of my computer. It just makes things brighter.
I am thankful for my mom's car that is going to take us out to the desert in a couple of hours to celebrate this holiday with family who I love.
I am thankful for stretchy pants.

I mean, gee whiz, guys. See what I mean? Those are only the things I've noticed since I woke up this morning! Can you imagine the thankfulness possibilities that could reveal themselves if I wore these glasses all the time?!

Anyway, I've got to go get ready for the big T-Day.

See you in a little bit, Grandma!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I mean, come on now.

I hardly ever talk about my love life on this blog because, let's be honest, nobody wants  to read about a single college gal's desperate search for love as she navigates the mysteries of life on her own in the big city. You don't want to read that and I really don't want to write about it either.

But I will say, since we're all friends here, that I would absolutely love to have a boyfriend one of these days.

Is that too much to ask?

It is?

Ok, ok-- then what about just like a crush? Or a semi-flirty texting relationship? No? Fine. What about just a dancing partner?! Heck, I'd even settle for a honk o' the horn as I walk across the street in a particularly flattering outfit.

But alas, it remains: Julia Patton. Table for One. Le sigh.

That's all I'll say on the matter.

*this post in no way is begging for pity. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

California, California, California!!!

Today is finally the dayyyy!!! I am flying home to good ol So Cal.

I can't wait to see Newport and everything/everyone that goes with it.

Lalalalaaa. I'm so excited. I'll see you all very soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mobile Uploads: Finals Week Edition

Ok, I am about to pull of the fastest blog post ever. I am sitting on Frances Russell's comfy bed here in Dallas and my computer battery has 9 minutes left. But I really wanted to blog. And share with you some delightful pics from our last week of class, but I've got to work quick.

I am going to chronologically take you through the last week of classes according to the pictures on my phone. This will soon be followed by a Mobile Uploads: Road Trip Edition and then a Mobile Uploads: Dallas Edition. Ok, go.

Finals week is really all about the weekend before finals week. That is the time that usually sees the most work. You have all day to focus, all of the building are open and well equipped for lots of workers and you aren't totally drained of all energy and motivation to focus yet.

So, we hit Foxy Loxy. Focus focus focus. But not really. I just couldn't seem to get my jive on that day and ended up people watching, internet surfing and bugging everyone else with a random fountain of energy. But Claire and Frances were working hard.

By Sunday, all bets were already off. The evening was a total hyper fest in our house and none of us were accomplishing anything. I looked out my window in my door and saw Frances sitting patiently on the floor. Apparently, she had been waiting there for over 5 minutes waiting for me to notice, all for the laugh of it. 

Here Claire works hard on her repeat pattern project. 

 Monday night biscuit run. 100% necessary for morale.

 In the midst of working on my Fashion Tech Final.

Spencer had an awesome finals project that reacquired much effort. And by much effort, I mean, she did not leave the house for 3 days. Not an exaggeration. She did not leave the house. For three days. This was when she just could not handle life anymore. 

Finals are finally over and I rewarded myself with buying Al Green's Greatest Hits on vinyl ON SALE. Sold. Best purchase of the quarter. It's the best. 

After it was all said and done, we made a trip out to Tybee to help Spencer with her amazing mood boards for her application for a Free People Internship. Which she will get. The night was cold and sunny. And we took lots of pictures. It was lovely. 

When then came back and celebrated with a dance party.

Imma miss these ladies.