Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Downton Abbey

If you have been around me at all in the last few weeks... especially if you have brought up any TV show or movie, I am almost 100% positive that you have heard me gush about my absolute favorite new (to me) show, Downton Abbey. I'll stop myself from going on and on and on about it, like I've been doing lately to anyone willing to listen, but it is basically a British Soap opera about the wealthy Crawley family, their servants and their beautiful countryside estate, Downton Abbey. But I can prove how legit it is when I tell you that it has already won 6 Emmy's and it's only been around for 1 season! See-- this ain't no Gossip Girl, folks-- this here is a beautiful, well written masterpiece.

My mom and I watched the whole thing together over break and I was thrilled to hear that it was returning so soon. The season 2 premiere was on Sunday and after finishing watching it this afternoon, I am giddy with excitement for what is in store.

Like I have already told everyone within a 30 mile radius of wherever I am, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW. It is not too late to catch up because the first season was only 7 measly episodes! I am so positive that you will love it that I am willing to even say that if you watch the first 2 full episodes and don't want to continue, I'll bake you a cake. Or a pie. Or something. It actually doesn't matter because I know that once you watch it, you'll fall in love. Just like I have.

Ay, yi yi-- how in the world am I supposed to wait until next Sunday to see the next episode!?!


  1. ay, yi yi? I'll have to have you say that for me... D.A. is taped -- maybe i can watch it tonite! We should watch it together via Skype!!

  2. OMG! Love Downton Abbey, I can't believe we have to wait until September for the next series!!

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  3. Julia, I am Baille's mom and I started watching this show because of your blog. I absolutely love it! I haven't told Baille yet about it but I will. I do so enjoy your blog.