Monday, May 31, 2010

Just in Case all of my Other Suggestions were Sold Out...

I have one more graduation gift recommendation for all you readers out there. I know I laid out the grad gift ground rules in a different post, but I found something the other day that I thought I would post.

Behold. The Pasta Maker.

This is the perfect gift because my obsessions with cooking and eating once again comes together in what I would like call "A Chubby Girl's Paradise." So...consider it. I know all of you probably have already gotten me amazing stuff (which I'm definitely expecting) but here's an idea: double the gifts? Never a bad idea.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Le Prom

Holy Cow. Last night. Prom. The rundown. Ok.
Soooo, last night was my senior prom and there is so much to be said about the events that took place under the summer stars, so it's hard for me to decide where to begin, but I think I will start off a couple weeks before prom...the day after Senior Project day, to be exact. Still running on the high of senior project and all of my hours of consolidated concentration, I decided to make my prom dress instead of the quick and simple solution of buying one. But, as I mentioned on this very site, I also decided to give myself a little break from sewing as a reward for all of my hard work. Bad idea. Because one day of breaks turns into two...four days turns into seven and then before you know it, it's the night before prom, your sister and her lovely friend are home from college, it's your last day of high school and you have barely even cut out your dress! Eeek! So, some major scrambling around the house and a couple hours of brainstorming later, every formal dress within the four walls of our lovely home now lay crumpled and hanger-less on the floor. This is what we call decision time, folks: Do I go with one of the less than appealing dresses that I already own or do I take the risk and bank on the fact that tomorrow a focused shopping excursion may produce some type of wearable option? Well, if you know me at all, you know 1) I would NEVER pass up an opportunity to shop, and 2) I'm always willing to go down to the wire if there is a possible result of something great. So we took the plunge. (and when I say we, I mean Kaitlin and the effervescent, Nicole Riha). So there we were, dad's credit card in hand, digging through the racks at the new Loehman's (which, by the way, is AMAZING), Nordstrom Rack, Crossroads and a handful of other NB/CM favorites trying on any piece of clothing that even looked remotely doable. There were some winners and some definite losers, but after hours and hours of dressing rooms and hard to reach zippers, we ended up buying the very first dress I tried on all day which was from Loehman's. At the same store, we got jewelry and shoes at a bargain price! Not too shabby! Then it was off to Shanghai salon in CM where the fabulous Janae did ma herrr and at home, Kaitlin finished me off with her amazing cosmetic skills. Before leaving to head to the school to take pics, we dodged a potential wardrobe malfunction bullet, but sooner or later we were all on our way. After some contrived posing and cheesy smiles, we all hopped on a magic school bus out to Silverado Canyon to where our prom was located. This is where the real fun happened. When you get off a bus and you hear the DJ playing "Aaron's Party" by Aaron Carter, you KNOW it's going to be one heck of a party. Dancing to the classics, chowing down on Pick Up Stix and Susie Cakes and watching Kaitlin and Nicole become the most popular girls at my school within hours was all amazing-- not to mention the fact that the whole event was planned seamlessly by my dear friend Cherokee Neas.
I am the first to be a major cynic about school functions, especially one as cliche as Senior Prom and I would be the world's biggest liar if I said I didn't have any doubts about this whole event, but I had such a great time and the whole thing went off without a hitch. My senior prom is an event I won't soon forget. Here are some highlights of the night.

Haylie, Sam, Lauren and Me breaking it down to some 90s classics
Our chariot. The amazingly decorated school bus.
A picture says a thousand words. For this one, a few of those words could be "I LOVE THIS SONG!" or "MORE CUPCAKES? SURE!" or "WAIT-- YOU MEAN I'M DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER!?! YEESSSSSS!!!!"
Me with Prom Planner Extraordinare, Cherokee Neas!
The General Splendor.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy New Textiles: Part II

A wedding dress made of milk fibers.

Another new-fangled idea that came up in my textiles class (which, by the way, was done as of about 12:37 today) was milk fiber. Yes, fibers made out of milk that are then turned into clothes. Crazy, right? If you know me AT ALL you know how i cannot go a day without an ice cold glass of milk straight out of my fridge and also how particular I can be about the milk that I drink. I know; it's weird. My obsession may have something to do with a complex I developed as a child with my mom always talking to me about how crying and milk are synonymous with being a failure which may also relate to the fact that I rarely ever cry, but I digress. Milk Yarn is made from milk protein fibers. To make it, milk is first dewatered, i.e. all the water content is taken out from it and then it is skimmed. New bio-engineering technique is then applied to make a protein spinning fluid. This fluid is suitable for wet spinning process through which the final high-grade textile fiber is made. While spinning, a solvent is used by most of the manufacturers and micro-zinc ion is embedded in the fiber which gives it the characteristics of being bacteriostatic and durable. It combines the advantages of both, natural as well as synthetic fibers. It can be spun alone or with cashmere, silk, spun silk, cotton, wool, ramie and other fibers to make fabrics. At this point, it is still very expensive to make milk fiber which in turn makes it expensive when we buy it in products. Unfortunately, they have yet to come up with the technology that allows ice cold milk pouches to be constantly replenishing themselves in the seams (AKA straws) of the clothes.
Anywho, just thought I'd share. There are so many amazing things going on in textiles right now; it's kind of crazy and it's kind of boring but kind of interesting too, yea? I've definitely saved the best for last, so stay tuned. This will literally make your skin crawl.

*all statements I made about my mom earlier in this post are false and meant for humor only.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thunder Down Under

Whenever I tell people where I'm going to school next year there are typically three reactions. 1) "SCAG? What's that?" 2)
"Savannah, Georgia? O wow. that's far." and 3) "Do you know how hot the south get's in the summer?" The answer to those questions are as follows: 1) "It's actually SCAD. Savannah College of Art and Design. In Georgia. No one's ever heard of it. (awkward laughing)" 2) "Yea, I'm excited though. I think I'm ready for a change. It'll be an adventure!" and 3) "Apparently. I've heard that a lot lately. Hopefully it won't be too bad." So, in reaction to those questions, I've been keeping tabs on the weather down in Savannah since deciding on going there, just to see what I'm getting myself into. The fall and winter seasons seem pretty mild and just slightly colder than what we have here, but today I looked at my little weather widget only to realize what all of those people were referring to.

This is Savannah's weather for the next week....
And This is Newport.....

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit alarmed at their major differences. Hot with a coastal breeze I can deal with but thundering humidity? Not ok. The comforting silver lining on this whole thing is that although I will be at SCAD for both ends of their hot, hot summer, the majority of my time will be in the cooler seasons so it won't be so bad...or at least that's what I keep telling myself. Either way, it will be one of those adventures that I tell people about in question 2, right?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm still obsessed with this website.

I saw this new note and totally identified with it. Uncertainty plagues me and I'm still trying to figure out why. Change is something that thoroughly freaks me out and in some areas of my life, I love, crave and thrive in change but in other areas, it consumes my every breathe like a meal full of garlic. Weird. Thinking about this on my own and also talking it over with some close friends, I've come to the conclusion that I love change that I can control. When something is completely out of my hands, that is when the stress begins. Things like moving my furniture, going on vacation and cutting my hair are fun changes because they can be changed back. Friends moving away, getting older and people I care about making decisions I don't agree with makes me uneasy. I need to start viewing change as possibility. I love that. This is definitely not the end of this. I'm going to keep thinking about it and let you know when I come up with something new.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Moral Decisions

Happy Monday, Lovies!!!

I have two dilemmas:
Is it gross for me to wear essentially the same outfit (jeans and my SCAD sweatshirt) for the 4th day in a row?
and Has there been too much time since Senior Project day to still be using the "I'm recovering" excuse for being lazy?

I think the mature and thoughtful answer for both of those questions is a clear and calculated "NO."

Ps. I promised myself I wouldn't start counting down graduation until I hit 10, but I just can't wait anymore!!! So, I'm starting it today with 16 days left! YIPEE!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yarn Bombing

Last week in my textiles class, we had to write a paper on textiles in the news. I wrote mine on denim factory pollution around the world (more on that later) but there were some very interesting stories that I thought I'd share in the next couple weeks. The first one I'm going to talk about is a new art form/phenomenon called Yarn bombing. Wikipedia defines yarn bombing as "a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk." It was started in Texas by a group of knitters who wanted to find a creative way to use up excess yarn. Most yarn bombers are anonymous and do their work in the middle of the night on lamp posts, statues, or any other structure that inspires them. The idea is to reclaim or personalize things that seem cold or mechanical.
I love this whole concept. It's a fun way to add onto something in a creative way without it vandalizing or damaging property. Although most of the artists now do things on a much larger scale, they recommend that if you are interested knit graffiti, trying it out on the handles of you bike or a door knob to get the hang of it. Here are some of my favorites of their work.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ok, so first of all, I can finally say the words I have been waiting to say since about August: SENIOR PROJECTS ARE OFFICIALLY DONE! Today the whole school presented all of the things we've been working on for what feels like forever and I could not be happier. Not only did everyone do such a great job presenting all of their hard work, but the weight is lifted and the mood around school already feels generally happier. From what I hear from people who were watching, my presentation went well and the panelist in my room were super friendly which made everything so much more comfortable. Now I can finally wear all the clothes that I have been slaving away at!

Now that that's over, I can start easing into summer even more than I already have which, in my book, is a great thing.

The other day, I came across this website that I thought was super funny and interesting.

Leah Dieterich's mother always told her to write thank you notes, so she started a blog where she writes thank-you notes to everything in her life. So funny. Let's do our own! What thank-you note would you write today? I think mine would read something a little like this:
Dear Senior Project,
Thank you for finally getting your fat butt out of my life. Although we did bond over long nights at the sewing machine and through our mutual love for clothes, I don't think I'll miss you very much. I'm now going to start hanging out with your arch nemesis, Free Time. We're going to fall in love and live happily ever after.
Sincerely, Julia

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The other day, I read this article on about iconic rocker red heads and it made me miss my ginger days. For those of you who don't remember, this is the red head version of Julia.
Sassy, right?
Well, it got me thinking about my hair and what my next move is going to be. Despite the major awkwardness going on with my coif right now, eventually, it will grow out and I'm going to need a solid plan of attack. And the more I think about it, the more I want that attack to include a bottle of red dye.

I loved being a red head.
It made the fact that I'm extremely pale look a little less out of place.
It gets closer to fulfilling my dream of bringing Lucille Ball back to life.
I've got to keep up with up keep (and of all colors to dye your hair- red requires the most maintenance).
I've gottsta deal with all the haters. (Kaitlin Patton)
It gets closer to fulfilling my nightmare of becoming Carrot Top.

What do you guys think? For a couple of points of reference, I've included some more lovely red heads that make me want to take the plunge again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok, so whoever came up with this is thinking practically. These Nutrition plates are funny and a good idea. I love newfangled ideas like these.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I am so so so excited to say that I'm finally done with my Senior Project. It has been a long time coming and I've worked so hard on it and I'm really happy to say that I'm really proud of all the work that I did (which was one of my main goals through this whole project). Last week, I finally finished sewing after working on everything for what feels like an eternity and then this Saturday my amazing friends all came over and we headed over to the ENC to take pictures of the final product. I really could not be happier. Being able to see all of my hard work finally pay off looking great on actual people was super gratifying. Usually, it's hard for me to be super content with my own work, but I definitely had a "pat-on-the-back" moment with myself when it was all said and done. These are a couple group shots that I love with everyone, although I do look a little haggard next to all of my beautiful friends. To see more pictures, go to my Senior Project Blog which will have close-ups. Hopefully you guys all like everything as much as I do!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I think that I have the best mother in the world. The relationship between a mother and a daughter is one of the most important parts of life. Some people are not as lucky as I am to not only have a such a great female role model in their life, but also to have such an amazing relationship with that same person. I truly do not want to know who I would be without my mom in my life. She has guided me, laughed with me, ate with me, taught me and unceasingly loved me for the past 19 years. Not only is she good at her job of being a mother by the traditional standards, but I also just really enjoy being around her and can honestly say that she is one of my best friends. There's a reason why I cried for the 8 block walk back to the dorm when she left to go home when I was in New York and there is a reason why I cry every time I think about her doing the same thing when I move down to Savannah. I must admit-- sometimes after I spit out a sentence, the words ring disbelief in my ears when I think to myself "Wow-- how mom-ish did you just sound?" or recently, with the almost identical hair cut I currently share with my mom, I catch a quick glance in the mirror and see her staring back at me. It is a little weird. But, Mom, you are kind, you are smart, you are funny (I know you hate it when people say that, but it's true!) and you are Godly. So, if becoming more and more like you is wrong, I don't want to be right. I think I have the best mother in the world. I hope you think that too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is why I love New York.

This literally makes me want to get on a plane and fly to the big apple just to have a taste of this 100 layer lasagna. 100 layers. One. Hundred. Layers. Who's with me?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Let's Go Shopping?

So, now that senior project day is getting closer and things are actually starting to finally wind down, I'm finding myself with a new pocket of free time that has previously been filled with craziness the past few months. The air is getting warmer, the homework load is getting lighter, my skin is turning darker (not) and the summer euphoria is beginning to set in. As I look ahead to the fresh season, I'm getting anxious for a couple of things to hurry up and get here! ...Graduation, The trip to Europe with the fam, time to sew (without the intense pressure of a looming due date) and so so so many other summer treats....but, wait....let's go back to that first one. Graduation. Ahhh, yes, graduation. This, as I've stated before, is a long time coming and I literally could not be happier to close the book on high school. I've already bored you with my gushy sentiments about growing up so fast, great memories and other sappy cliches about moving on, so today, instead, we shall focus on one of the main reasons why graduation is going to rock: gifts. I wish I was mature and could be selfless enough to say that I could care less about material possessions but that would be a lie. Birthdays, Christmas, and any other opportunity to cash in on the loot is what I live for. Heck, just the other day, I bought a new dress justified by the fact that I was celebrating "New Home Owner's Day" (which, by the way, actually does exist-- other little known May holidays include National Infertility Survival Day, Respect for Chickens Day, National No Socks Day, and Cellophane Tape Day). So, I'm just going to lay it out on the line, here and stop beating around the bush: buy me graduation gifts. To help, I've given you, the reader/giver of gift, some helpful suggestions.

Ok, full disclosure here. I will fully admit that I used to chastise my mom for wearing clogs. There. I said it. But I was recently reminded of how adorably clogs go with a fall ensemble of a dress with tights. AND they're comfortable! Sold. Size 8.

Next year in Savannah, without my car, what better way to get around town than on this adorable bike custom created by yours truly? This baby may actually make me want to exercise.

Hello. Me. This dress. Europe. It really could not be more perfect. I can't tell if I like because it's cute, or I like it because it makes me feel like Fraulein Maria. Both.

Now that the kibosh has been put on my dream of owning a polaroid camera, thanks to the evil camera gods discontinuing them, I have found an alternative that makes me feel all giddy inside. The Instax is basically amazing.

I just like this dress. Although the model seems quite heavily medicated and isn't selling the dress at all, I wwaaaaanttt iiiitttttt!!!!!!

So, there you have it. Now, go off and fuel my fire of greed.

**Disclaimer: failure to produce gift will result in one or all of the following consequences:
1. My judgement on your over all character will be marred.
2. Refusal of admittance to my graduation party.
3. Contamination of guest's food at said party. (You won't want to know what's in those tacos)

Consider yourself warned.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Heaven

Oh my goodness, this 1940's-style vintage wedding dress is available on ebay for five more hours. Wouldn't it look amazing with red lipstick and a low, wavy ponytail? If I were getting married, I would wear this in a second. I guess I'll just have to keep monitoring ebay for the next few hours. shopping or taking notes in Econ....? The decision lies in these three words: Second Semester Senior. I think I'll go with the dress.