Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rick Rolled

At about 9:00 this morning, I woke up to something a bit unusual. I heard some type of music coming from the courtyard of Turner House and still half asleep, it took me a few minutes to recognize what song it was. Then it hit me. I know this song. You know the song. It's the sweet, sweet sounds of Rick Astley and his one-hit-wonder Never Gonna Give You Up.
Notorious for being one of the cheesiest, most repetitive and all around worst songs of all time, I was confused. I heard it play through our windows and creep through our walls 1 time, 2 times, 3 times...over and over and over without stopping. So curious as to what why in the world someone would be playing this song, I hopped out of bed, slipped on my sweatshirt, grabbed my Uggs and headed outside. In the courtyard were two girls-- neigh, activists, walking around greeting people to inform them that the music would not be turned off until they raised their very realistic goal of $300 for the local Rape Crisis Center. With friendly smiles and understanding attitudes, they came up to me and explained that they were sorry if they woke me up, but this was something they were passionate about. People were yelling at them and berating their cause, but I for one, think it's brilliant. Partly, because I like what their doing and somewhat due to the fact that I can't deal with this song playing for much longer, I gave them a few bucks. I also couldn't miss the opportunity to get some video of this before it went away. Ignore the video quality. It was early. And I was half asleep.
It's 11:54 and the music is still blasting. If you are reading this and are in Savannah, please just help make this stop and donate a us before we get mercilessly Rick Rolled to death!

Update: It's 12:54 and the music has stopped. $300 in da bank. Nice.


  1. Your video looks like it's from the viewpoint of a stalker. But it's an interesting tactic and I like it!

  2. Hilarious! Seriously... never accuse me of being a stalker again. :o)