Sunday, January 4, 2015

Looking Forward

The end of melancholy
Ukulele lessons
Moving out of my parents house
Giving more time to others selflessly
Visiting Savannah
Seeing Grace and Ben get married
Seeing Frances and Zach get married
Seeing Sarah and Wesley get married
Creeping on other people get married (thanks, wedding hashtags)
Growing Julia Patton Dressmaker (more on this later)
Starting new work
Facing new challenges; the mental kind, the physical kind, the sewing kind, and, where would this blog be without the emotional kind?
Taking more pictures?
Going on more dates?
Let's throw a road trip in there at least once, please
Let's also throw some good parties
Visting Almanor
I want to be in New York at least once
Saving all sorts of money
Cooking more
Buying less
Blogging more
Simplifying life
Creating new

Friday, January 2, 2015

My Favorite Pictures of 2014: Part II

Graduation to New Years Eve

Ok, so I didn't handle graduating very well. 

Or saying goodbye. Looking at this picture actually kind of makes my stomach hurt. After three years, this was the last morning Frances, Oli and I lived together and four years for Spencer, Claire and me. Minutes before parents came ready to pack up rooms and disassemble furniture, we gathered in our little gray kitchen that I loved so much and with watery eyes, took this final picture together as roommates. This blog has been there for every step of our friendships and I am so grateful for that, but for the rest of my life, no amount of posts or videos or pictures will be able to explain how much these four girls mean to me. 

Saying goodbye to Savannah proved to be just as difficult. 

Mom and I driving to Philly by way of every milkshake drive through on the east coast. 

Spencer and Claire in NY.

Visitors to Philly on the 4th of July.

Summer 2014 was officially the summer of the selfie for me. With all of my instagram muses suddenly gone, looking back at photos now, it seems my coping mechanism was to take angsty photos of myself and my very blonde hair.

And then I dyed my hair back to it's natural color. Which apparently is this light shade of brown. Who knew? I'm not going to go to deep into this because it's just hair, but let's be honest, with me, it's never just hair. I'm sure I'll talk about this more later, but in the time since graduating, I've felt my life becoming more and more about simplification and realistic goals. Perhaps a bit too much, but I've been enjoying this time of overall quiet. 

The one selfie I snuck at work. (Self timer, hidden on a shelf, covered in lace) Just because Anthropologie wasn't for me, doesn't mean that I don't deserve a photo in remembrance. 

Goodbye, Upper East Side. 

Goodbye, Brooklyn. 

Goodbye, Savannah.

Hello, West of graduation. 

Jenny Lake, WY

Charlotte, NC

Wouldn't miss 1D for anything.

A quick pee in the forest after the concert. 

KP in Seattle.

One of my main persons and her small version that I'm starting to learn all about. 

2014 was the definition of change, but it's cool to know that some things stay exactly the same. 

The beginning of Julia Patton Dressmaker. 

KP and my new beanie. 

Merry Christmas from the Pattons. 

Headquarters of Julia Patton Dressmaker. 

Patton Construction. 

Goodbye, 2014. You've been one stone cold bitch of a good time. A lot of good, a lot of bad. But I'm ready for what's next. 2015 could be the best year yet. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Favorite Pictures of 2014: Part I

When I think about 2014, I think pictures. With iPhones and Instagrams and Instaxes, there are visual associations that are synonymous with moments and subjects; the yellow house, my running impala dress, Eckburg 202, selfies, New York City, graduation, Philly... 

So I pulled some of my favorites together-- opened my iPhoto and dragged and dropped anytime I saw a picture that made my brain smile. 

You guys. I pulled 153 pictures. I mean, there were only 365 days in this year, so let's talk about all of the brain smiling that went down last year. I paired that down to 76 and was going to keep slimming but then I was like... my blog, my rules. So 76 pictures (give or take) (I might have added a few more back in) there will be (in a few installments). What can I say? 2014 was big for me.

(Some have been blogged before, some have not)
(Some deserve a caption, some do not)

The New Year through Graduation

Ok, so technically, this was 2013, but it felt right to start with the new year. I also love my dress. 

The first day of winter quarter with Susie and Lindsay. We took perhaps 10 different pictures and Lindsay's eyes were closed in every single one. 

Portfolio with Topher and corner that we ruled. 

Daufuskie Island and the boat we trespassed. 

Grace and Ben forever and the smell of Fireball forever making me nauseous. 

Carol Harris, the single most influential professor I had in college, with her most loyal fans. 

One of my most favorite weeks of 2014 and also maybe college was the cold snap Savannah received in February and the nearly week long cancellation of classes that followed. Winter was heartily embraced. 

When Zach visited.

At Abe's.

Many a morning spent with these two women at Foxy Loxy. This picture is in Lindsay's bed because even after going to Foxy maybe three times a week, I couldn't find one picture of the three of us there. An actual fact that deserves repeating for the rest of time is that I would not have finished my senior project/senior year/college without them. 

My official interview outfit.

My galentines. 

A whole lotta shit went down in this kitchen. 

And even more at the this island.

This little flerm worked what little ass she has completely off for her Senior Thesis. In this moment, her work wasn't even half way completed but I was so proud of her. 

Final winter critique.

And the mandatory supportive Back in the Day run that followed. 

This is college.

Mom and I in New York for Spring Break.

Baille Younkman. A support and flame of creativity. 

Spencer. My favorite picture of us ever.

My sweet room in Savannah.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

My mom's side of the family. 

Juarez Beergaritas and my best friends. 

My team.

Easter and the yellow house.

The Farmer's Daughter is Getting Married

Jury Show. Over. 

Kind of the most and the best and the definiteliest. And just about nine million and two other things. 

All of them and together. 

I felt how proud of me they were this day. 

One of the coolest moments. 

Followed by another one of the coolest moments. Here's to being pushy and wearing matching white. 

Carol & Melissa

The front cover of the book I write about what best friends look like. 

One of the most bittersweet days of my life. 

An end to it all.

More proud of these pigtails and the body and lady that is attached to them than I even know what to make of it. 

Graduated and sweaty.