Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Getting excited about heading up to New York for Spring break with my mom. 

Officially, the trip is for fabric shopping for my senior collection. Off the books though, this trip is a very convenient excuse for quality time with my favorite lady, getting to see some very missed friends, spending time in one of my favorite places and so. much. eating. 

...So much eating. 

And to add a little more legitimacy (and pressure) to the trip, I just found out yesterday that I have an interview with a really awesome company on Thursday! Four hours after I get off the plane! Yikes. 

But seriously-- I feel like I have been counting down the minutes until this trip for the last 6 months and I still cannot wait for this quarter to end so I can get my Spring Break on already!  

Thursday, March 6, 2014


The face of a girl who wants to be hired.
Today is all about cover letters.

The Runners

 This almost convinces me to try running again.


Thursday, February 27, 2014


I'm not much of a networker. I don't even like the word networking. I prefer the less threatening, less mature, but more pop-culturally relevant self-coined term of net-twerking). I feel sleazy and opportunistic when I talk about myself and my work or the fact that I am in need of work. With that being said, I feel that since you are all reading this blog by choice and therefore might be interested, I will share my professional victories and failures with you as friends and comrades in the fight for my future. 

So! Did you know that I've updated my website? Did you even know that I have a website? 

I did! And I do! 

And it has a lot of my work on it! 

Being the baby adult professional that I am, I have recently made a whole bunch of fancy net-twerking tools to have on hand like business cards and printed resumes on linen-y paper and a portfolio and leave behinds. It's quite surreal to be able to have a physical and visual representation of all of the work that you've spent the last four years working on and… if I'm being honest, I am proud of myself. 

The link for my website has actually been on this blog for a while, but I felt that it might be necessary to call it out since it is now officially finished (for now) and has some new work on it. Anyway, if you would like to check it out the link is www.julia-patton.squarespace.com.  I hope you like it!

PS-- the beautiful and cool photos of my work that are on the website were either taken by Kara Reichart or Oli Latinovich. Who are both crazy talented. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Galentine's Day

The Fourth Annual Galentine's Day Celebration happened two weeks ago, but.. ok... So I have to humble myself and admit something that brings me much embarrassment. 

I think I like Valentine's Day. 

In the past few years, completely unbeknownst to me, but entirely of my own volition, I have gone from absolutely loathing February 14th and going so far as to wearing all black in protest to organizing, hosting, and, worst of all, enjoying, my own annual all ladies Galentine's Day dinner party. I mean, I go all out. There are printed invites, menu deliberations, overly thoughtful inner-roomie valentine  card exchanges, decorations and many a-conversation discussing one's excitement for the upcoming day. And I wear all pink and red. I can't get enough of it. I dive in like it's a vat of melted fudge. (Which is also a great activity idea for next years party…)

The guest list and the menu of the actual party has ebbed and flowed throughout the years, but my singleness seems to be forever. So, I find myself coming to terms with the for-now-boy-less-ness of this holiday and finding solace in a day to indulge in all of the pinky, glittery, girliness that Valentine's Day offers to a bunch of ladies living together with no local boyfriends to speak of.

This year's Galentine's Itinerary

Dinner: Decadent.

Lindsay's Bruschetta
Claire's Shrimp and Grits
Oli's Waldorf Inspired Salad with candied walnuts
Frances' Roasted Asparagus
Julia's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake
Susie and Spencer's Gin and Jam Cocktail
Conner's post dinner cheese and wine contribution 

Movie: Terrible.

The Valentine's released romance movies from the last Galentine's Days have defied all odds and gotten increasingly worse with every passing year. We started sophomore year off with the tragic amnesia/ love driven plot line of Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdam's in "The Vow" followed up by last years murder/ domestic abuse/ love driven plot line of Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough's "Safe Haven." Both completely terrible in their own way. 

But "Endless Love", the story of two recent high school graduates from opposite sides of the tracks falling into a renegade love story (complete with the classic plot twists of disapproving father/ a criminal past/ a restraining order/ a house fire/ the decision to choose between love and basically everything else in your life) surely took the cake as not only the worst Valentine's movie I've ever seen, but quite possibly, the absolute worst any kind of movie I've ever seen. Is it a love story? Is it a horror film? Is it supposed to be this bad? I still don't know. These factors actually translate into the perfect Valentine's day movie for any single lady-- nothing tears down any lingering feelings of loneliness or romantic jealousy like watching two idiots in love completely ruining each other's lives. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Middle of February

Olivia Latinovich brightens days and makes me wonder what could have been if I had ever been cool enough to be a cheerleader in high school. Never did have the ankle strength for that life though.  

These are two snapshots from a Sunday evening in my living room with not much narrative and nothing much to explain, but it's just like… who knew that pajamas, a reluctant reading of prose, a tupperware full of un-refridgerated parmesan cheese and these two class acts just really sum up the tone of my life right now and I never want things to change ever.

Chalk this one up to: "Things you see in Savannah, Georgia." 

And also: "Things you need to start appreciating now because it just hit you this week that graduation is officially 95 days away and although you have no idea what you're doing after that, you ain't gonna be here for much longer."

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fibers Open Studio

Friday night was the Fibers Major Open Studio and both Spencer and Frances' work was on display for all of to enjoy. Spencer worked with a group to create an installation tube of hand dyed abstract flowers. It ruled. When one is at such an Instagram worthy event, one only wonders when and where the most opportune Selfie moment will reveal itself. Spencer Malinski answers with a  clear and colorful "Here." This tunnel was so obviously begging for its own hashtag to which Spencer suggested "#falopianflowertube." Which is perfect. 

#falopianflowertube #fibersopenstudio #talentedfriends 

Frances' Senior thesis work, "Variations on Change," was also on display in practically her very own showcased corner of the Fiber's building taking up three separate walls and captivating each passersby with her multimedia and multi-medium presentation. I have been lucky enough to watch her work  slowly come together in our backyard since the beginning of this school year so to see it on display with such positive responses was just so great. Frances was working the room like nobodies baby and I am very proud of her. Talent oozing errywhere. 

I asked Frances if she minded talking a little bit about her work for the blog and she kindly agreed. 

Hi, Frances. 
Good morning. 

In a few sentences, how would you sum up the concept behind Variations on Change? 
I wish I could write this out. 
Um. It's about the transitions in life that we have and that sometimes we outgrow those transitions. And  about those places that we choose to be our environments. And how later on, we are more particular with what we want in them. 

Last year you began experimenting with this technique and the use of the pantyhose and grass. How is your current work connected/not connected to that work and what are some of the ways in which you've seen your work develop over the last year? 
The pantyhose and grass started off as growth that man could control himself and it has changed to more of a 'caretaker/nurturer' idea. Then it's moved from there into more 'transition of life.' 

Would you consider that work part of this same process, but with just further development?

Your work is vastly different than a lot of your peers in the Fiber's department. Do you feel like you/your work is a part of that community? 
I don't feel like my work is necessarily "decorative" and a lot of people are more design related and I don't feel that way at all-- I'm more fine art related. And my work, even in the fine art world, is something that you couldn't necessarily sell so it's more-- I consider it more installation work. But I am dealing with fibers materials in some regards and texture and composition and color, I guess. 

Do you feel like you've found your place there or do you feel like you've just found a way to fit it to what you've decided to do?
Well, my use of materials is because I want to use those materials-- not because I'm a fibers major. I would never define myself as a fibers artist. But I don't think that majors define you as an artist. It's just what you choose to learn at that current time in school.

What are your plans with the rest of the year with Variations on Change? 
I'm having a show in three months and so I have a lot of work to do with drawings and written work and a lot more experimenting with weaving that will definitely be a part of the show. And more aspects of chance will come into the work. 

What do you mean by chance? 
Whenever I'm using grass, that's chance in itself because I can't control that. I'll leave more up to the weaving to decide and the grass to have a relationship between itself that I can't control. 

Do you see yourself continuing the exploration of these mediums after the "completion" of your educational requirements are fulfilled? 

You just want to continue working with it?

But you don't have like some sort of grand plan like Oh, one day I want to make an entire house out of pantyhose and grass? 

Asking someone what their plans are after college could not be a more annoying question so I'll try and be creative and ask what are five things you are looking forward to after graduating this Spring?
I am excited to have a job in the museum world hopefully. I am excited to own my own loom-- go home and weave after work. And I am excited to live in Dallas and try and be better about-- not be better, but join the artistic community. Because Savannah has just been a body of students and it doesn't have any sort of art scene. 

Awesome. Thanks, Frances. 

PS- it's been a while since I've posted links to Frances' website and blog but if you are interested in checking out more of her work (which, I would highly recommend you doing) her website is www.francesrussellart.com (the first three boxes on the top of the "Work" page are some of the works we discussed in the interview) and her blog is, of course, www.themuteturnip.blogspot.com where she posts not only about her own art, but inspiration coming from fellow artists.