Thursday, March 31, 2011


Done with school for the week and can't wait to unwind with a bit of yoga tonight. We've had a bit of blistery weather here the last few days and nothing sounds better than slipping on comfy sweats and holding the child's pose for a good solid 43,243 minutes until all of my homework seems to disappear.
Ahhh... I ♥ Thursdays.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wait, what?

It's the second day of the quarter and I have officially been to all of my classes at least once. My first reactions: Holy S&%*. Individually, all of these classes seem great so far. Collectively, I am in for one heck of a quarter. The positive side of this is that I do seem to preform best when under the most pressure and when my schedule gets tight, my planning and time management greatly improve. The downside? GO GO GO GO! But you know what? It's fine, because I'm going to take one hasty power nap and then I'm going to conquer this quarter one bit at a time.
Pencils: sharpened and ready for war.
Paper: white with anticipation.
Closet: folded and ready for action.
It's on.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Future Black Swans

I saw this video for the first time this morning and I've experienced equal parts happiness and pain from it. This poor, adorable little girl is having such a hard time of getting into first position and she wants to be able to do it so badly! I relate to this on sooo many levels. As a child of rotund stature myself, I remember going to ballet class just itching to be able to pull of the grace and fluidity of natural dancers. But, alas, that was never me. This video warms my heart and reminds me of how glad I am that I can leave the dancing up to the dancers. Until then, little ballet one: sit tight and wait for you to stumble up your talents!

(and for old times sake, here's a pic of little jujie and kates in our dancing days. what young prodigies we once were)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daily Grind

I can't believe I'm about to start my final quarter of my freshman year. This next 10 weeks is going to be harder than any other quarter this year, and I'm nervous/excited to get started. I'm taking today to soak up the last few minutes of having literally nothing to do. The second I walk into my first class tomorrow, this feeling no longer exists until June 3rd. Then the feeling will then be called Summer.

Spring Break: 2011. All in a Tidy Little Post.

I had no idea really what to expect of Spring Break. Other than the destinations, mostly everything was unplanned. All I knew was that I wanted most of my spring break to revolve around sun, food, and sleep. Mission Accomplished.

Hot off of my last final on Tuesday, I threw just about half of my closet into a suitcase and we headed for Haig Point, SC and to the Barnhardt's family beach house. After getting to a parking lot in Hilton Head, we boarded a ferry to get to Daufuskie Island where the house is located. The second we got to the Island, I knew it was going to be an amazing few days. Everything about it felt like I'd stepped back in time 60 years to a time where living in the deep south was more of a culture than a location.
We spent four days in Haig Point enjoying the most delicious meals prepared by Mrs. Barnhardt, relaxing afternoons in the sun, good conversation with some of my favorite people and lots of laughs.

The House.

Wren, Spencer, Frances and Me heading to the pool.

We braved the dewy air and the gnats to wake up early enough to watch the sunrise.

Well worth it, I would say.

After Haig, the rest of the crew headed their separate ways and Frances and I headed to Asheville, NC to visit the amazing Burlingham family! I hadn't been to Asheville in probably about 8 years. I just remember it being absolutely beautiful. The drive from Hilton Head to North Carolina was uneventful other than a stop in Columbia for a bit of Chipotle. After about 6 hours of travel and a bit of navigation snags along the way, we made it The B-ham's beautiful home. Over the next few days we got to explore downtown Asheville, go on a great hike to see some spectacular waterfalls AND we even spotted the rare Brevard, NC White Squirrel! But the best part was obviously getting to spend quality time with my great family.

Here we are on the hike overlooking the beautiful waterfalls.

After a weekend in NC, we made our way back down the coast to Pawley's Island to stay a night or two with the Malinski family. Although we essentially forced our way into Spencer's much needed break from us and into her home, we got to enjoy an amazing home cooked meal from the Malinski's after we spent the afternoon fishing alligators in her local pond. You read that right. Fishing alligators. No success, though. I guess they weren't biting that day, but we did get close enough for it to stare at us with its soul-less eyes as if to say "I could eat you if I want to, but then I'd have to deal with a heap of trouble, so I'm going to let it slide today." Thanks, Mr. Gator.

Getting our sun on. No tan lines, please.

Spencer's Birthday is tomorrow, so while we were in town, Mr. and Mrs. Malinski treated us to a great dinner at Frank's Outback.

Finally after an exhausting week of mooching off of our friends and families home and pantries, we figured it'd be about time to ease back into life here in Savannah. After stopping for a quick coffee at Hope and Union in Charleston, we rolled back into Savannah to find that we were about the only 2 people at SCAD weird enough to spend some of their spring break in the dorms. Turner House has been an absolute ghost town and its been rare to see more than 2 people a day walking down the halls.

At first I was a bit unnerved at how quiet everything was. Where are all the annoying neighbors? Why isn't the elevator vandalized in any way? Just because I don't eat at SCAFE doesn't mean it shouldn't be open! Then I realized the genius of it. All of the disgusting parts of living in the dorms had been conveniently washed away and what was left was dare I say...peaceful? Enjoyable? Productive? The past few days have been beautiful sanctuaries of free time and space to do whatever the heck we wanted. This is great! Not so fast, Julia. It's now Saturday afternoon and a constant stream of students are rolling their little suitcases back to their dorms. How do I know? I can hear them yelling. And it's started to rain. This isn't a coincidence.

Spring break is over, my friends. The allusion has disappeared and whats left is real life.
....Until next year.

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Who's that girl?"

I've been working on my fitness a bit lately and after laying out in the delicious Savannah sun, this little lady is feeling pretty good.
It has also come to my attention that due to more cumulative beach/park days in the last quarter vs. the last 4 years, I've got one heck of a tan going! Now, don't get too excited. I'd still be seen as ridiculously pale and under-sunned by most, but I'm making headway. I may have even moved out of the self proclaimed 'Alabaster' category and moved up in rank to perhaps a bit more of a... light garnet.
It's spring, my friends. Watch out.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

And THIS is why I want to go into fashion.

Every so often I get insecure about what I am doing going to school for fashion. I wonder if I have the so called "cool factor" that seems necessary keep up with the leggy, designer clad fashionistas that are suddenly my peers. All I know is that from a very young age, I had an interest in color, pattern, texture, technique, beauty and style. The possibilities of what those words could mean was endless and that excited me.
Recently one of my all time favorite blogs, Advanced Style (a blog dedicated to only the most stylish of senior citizens), teamed up with to produce this amazing short video.

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

It inspired me because it reminded me that as one of the women remarked "it's fun to dress up." And at the end of the day, that's all it really is, right? Dress up.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I totally forgot to blog this photo I have been saving for months! O well, better late than never. I am currently enjoying the ides of March in beautiful Pawley's Island, SC as Frances and I round out our "Spring Break 2011: South Eastern Coastal Extravaganza." 1 more day here, then a day in Charleston, then heading back to good old Savvy.

Time Out

I know I've been a little blog MIA lately. Spring Break has got me on lock. I'll be posting a big fat wrap up post in a few days. Until then, please spend at least 5 minutes staring at these dumplings and salivating. Too-da-loo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break: 2011

I never thought this quarter would end, but finally the day is here when I can say it is officially Spring Break. I never understood all the hub-bub about Spring Break in high school. Obviously, I didn't mind the week off to just relax and give you that little burst of energy to finish out the year, but now that I'm in college, I absolutely 100% LOVE Spring Break. We have been working out butts of for 10 solid weeks. 10 weeks of school. 10 weeks of cold weather. 10 weeks of trying to stay inspired and original in classes that are anything but inspired or original.
I'm heading off today to Daufuskie Island to spend a few days at the beautiful Barnhardt home and then it's off to Asheville this weekend to spend time with my favorite North Carolinian family with Frances. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot waaaiiiiittt!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's Talk

Something that I've recently come to realize about myself is that I need human interaction. I love long conversations, surprise letters in the mail and even a smile from someone I pass on the street. Even this blog and all of your delightful comments are in some way keeping me in talks with people at all times. These things let me know that I'm awake and alive and breathing and thinking and continuing to learn knew things every day. Up until college I would have placed myself in the 'more of a listener than a talker' category. It's almost comical how wrong this is. Blame it on the fact that I like the sound of my own voice, or the way no one in my family can go 2 sentences without interrupting each other or maybe it's my families nasty little habit of talking just about everything in our lives out with a shrink somewhere in an office on a couch with the clock running, but I almost feel that things aren't official in my life until it's been said out loud. I've seen myself on a handful of occasions this year finally decide on something I'd been mulling over in my head and just about explode with anticipation until I declare my intentions out loud to someone in the room.
And it's not just talking. It's a general understanding that 'yes. I see you. I acknowledge you' with not just my friends but also the random pedestrian on the street. Here in Savannah, my friends could probably pay for their whole college education if they had a dollar for every time I said out loud "How hard is it just to smile at someone when you walk past them? It's not going to break your face or anything." This phrase I undoubtedly got from my mother who used to say the same thing every so often everywhere from a walk at the beach to passing someone in your car in a parking lot. When I wake up in the morning, the day hasn't officially started until someone has mentioned something about the forecasted weather, how they slept the night before or what their plans are and I can't fall asleep at night until I verbally recount how I felt things had eventually played out that day.
As I've discovered this trait, I can see how my chattiness can get old at times. Living in the dorms is already crammed enough, and having someone blabbering 24/7 can't make things any easier. I plan on working on this and trying to employ new rules like speak only when spoken to and only say things that are absolutely necessary, but I don't know how much good those will do. It's a fact. I talk a lot. I say things to try and make not only you laugh, but myself laugh too. Always have. Always will.
I don't know what I'm going to do about this part of me. Maybe I'll talk it out.

PS. If you want to be one of those lovely previously mentioned surprisers who send me mail and make my day exponentially better, don't worry-- YOU CAN! No note or letter is too small or big. My mailing address is still 231 West Boundary, Savannah, GA, 31401. Box 667.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I apologize for the incoherencey of this post. I'm tired.

According to the Savannah Mall Walk-In Urgent Care, my ear canal is inflamed. Am I snuggled up in bed with a hot press against the side of my face watching my favorite feel good movies, you may ask? Answer: no. I'm lying tired on the floor of my room and I smell like campfire. Did I get to enjoy an actual campfire and the obvious s'mores that inevitably come with it, you may ask? Answer: no. I smell like scorched wood because that's what I have been doing for the last 9 hours. Scorching wood. I sat at a stool over a large piece of ply wood making a feeble attempt at a creative approach to a self portrait four NINE. HOURS. After burning, burning, burning, [wendy's break] burning, burning, burning, [home depot run] staining, staining, staining, I finally hold up my masterpiece to see that...I hate it. What? I was so excited about this project. This was supposed to be my favorite thing I'd made all quarter. This was supposed to be my favorite thing I'd made all year. All of this work was going to pay off because I was supposed to love it. This was my Sistine Chapel. Well, the Sistine Chapel never looked this lopsided from across the room; It's hard to explain without pictures, but let's just say I wasn't too far from looking like the world's ugliest Jay Leno impersonator. So I sat there and tried to fix the unfixable. How do you un-burn wood. Spoiler alert: you can't.
Oh, well. It's over now. My perscription ear drops have been administered and I've popped a few Advil for good measure.
Am I complaining? Answer: no. It's finals. I expect this. I just wanted to vent. Enter blog. Publish post. Goodnight.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Like many college students with too much time on their hands, I spend my days trolling the internet watching non-sensical videos, stalking ex-classmates on social networking sites, reading celebrity gossip and writing a wildly entertaining (and sometimes self-serving) blog. One of my most favorite recent guilty pleasures/train-wreck-esque time wasters has been keeping up with the ever developing saga of actor (and self-proclaimed Warlock) Charlie Sheen's life. In case you didn't watch his multiple interviews in the last few weeks or read any of the hundreds of articles discussing his mental breakdown, here's a quick catch up for you: the guy has gone nutzo. He has taken the celebrity fueled enlarged ego to a new level after recently being fired from his hit show "Two and a Half Men" and ran with it.
My roommates and I have found much pleasure in constantly quoting his recent catch phrases and incorporating them into our everyday lives. Favorites such as "Winning. Duh." convey a sense of contentment with oneself if things are going your way. There are countless others that are now conveniently documented at my new favorite website: . Simply click on Sheen's head to read some of the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. Get ready to waste about 30 minutes or so clicking through the site and trying to make sense of his quotes.
Until next time, I'll be "banging 8 gram rocks and finishing them. Because that's how I roll." - Charlie Sheen

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I want to be hanging out at this park in Belgium instead of studying for my Art History final. Upside? Only two more days of classes! That's what I'm talkin about, baby!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Color Theory Video

It is here. Of all the ridiculous videos I've made in my lifetime (and surprisingly, there are probably more than you'd think) this one may have to be my new favorite. The thought behind this was the more ridiculous we make it, the less painful it will be to watch in front of our whole class. Well, we nailed the ridiculous. But, I think the jury is still out on whether or not it will be less painful.
After showing it to a few friends to get their reactions, we've come to find that although the acting, costuming and editing are flawless, the story line is, in fact, a bit hard to follow. So here's a quick synopsis: Claire goes into a fabulously unstable hair salon to get her hair done by the master of all master's, The Great Coco (your's truly). Bored with her current look, she falls into a dreamlike state while fantasizing a world with perfect hair. Along the way she meets and becomes comrads with three other Hair Fairies (think the Spice Girls, but cooler) as they take her on a journey of love and learning. Ultimately she finds out the true meaning of life and comes out of her dream to execute the world's greatest hair style.
And without further ado.... I give you... Whip My Hair.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I was wrong...

Yesterday did not turn out how I had hoped....


Shortly after I posted that upbeat little diddy about how marvelous my day was going to be, I got an unexpected text from Frances about an errand that we've been itching to run for what feels like forever! I'll skip the boring details, but let me just say that that picture, my dears, is where I, Julia Patton, will be living next year!!! This has been MONTHS in the making and I have purposely kept it under wraps from this blog the whole time to avoid jinxing myself and the added embarrassment of posting pictures of yet another house only for it to later fall through. This 4 bedroom beauty is in a great area of Savannah with an awesome deal on rent and I, for one could not be happier. I would explain all the random hoops we had to jump through to get this little guy, but that would be quite a long and boring read. Let's just say, at one point, Frances and I were mistaken for door-to-door Jehovah's witnesses after we ambushed the current tenants and knocked on their door begging for a quick tour. Not one of my finest moments. But who cares?! Because right now all I can think about are the food we'll make, the people we'll have over and the space...ahhh the space...that will be mine all mine!!! I can barely contain myself. Is it too soon to start a folder of decor pictures on my computer? No? Good. Because I started it like 3 months ago.

Peeps: You are now all officially invited to stay with me next year because, guess what? YOU CAN!

All Kinds of Cray Cray

Coming off of such a splendiferous weekend, one finds it hard to not be in a good mood. Not only did I check EVERYTHING (yes, EVERYTHING) off my to-do list, but the remaining week and a day of the quarter just makes me all giddy inside. Other accomplishments of this weekend include going through my closet, eating deliciously healthy meals and going to the movies twice (I ♥ The Biebs). This weekend was for the books.
And if this morning is any indication of how this week is going to go, I can't wait to see whats in store; First I enjoyed a delicious bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats (how can you not like this cereal?) and then made it to the gym.
Ahhh, yes. This Monday won't get me down. No, sir. Just go ahead and try.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mobile Uploads

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks from my little old cellular phone.

Got no Valentine? Well, your mom still loves you. I got this delightful package from my mommers to let me know that if all else fails on Valentines day, thin mints and teddy bears will always be there for you.

This bowl of pasta is way more than just a bowl of pasta. It was cooked from my new obsession: the rice cooker. I am actually going to write a whole post in the next few weeks dedicated to this new appliance that has literally changed. my. life.

I've never seen one of these signs before so I made my Frances stop the car so I could get out and take a picture. All of my friends found this extremely rude because "What if there is a deaf child looking out the window of his house watching you take this picture?"....My answer to this is, "What? As if he's never seen this sign before? Cool your jets ladies. Just because their deaf doesn't mean their ridiculously emotionally fragile too." Insensitive? You tell me.

I have found my favorite spot in all of Savannah. The other day I had some time to kill before my Art History class and I stumbled upon an unlocked door that led to a completely empty auditorium. So quiet. Full of natural light. My new secret.

Just for fun, here's another pic of Frances and I post-paint fight. Paint up the nose. Literally.
I think I ingested a dangerous amount of paint yesterday and not only did we all feel disgusting last night, but Spencer and I threw out our necks with all the whipping and what not. We are such old ladies. This Sunday is going to be a slow one.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


The end of the quarter is approaching quickly (T-11 days!) and we have been handed an onslaught of projects. One of these is a group project for Color Theory. We have to make a video using representational color and how it translates emotion. Yawn. Our professor showed us some examples of previous projects and they were less than inspiring. Double yawn. Because this class has been such a snooze fest and quite the letdown, we figured we'd go all out on this last project and pay homage to one of our favorite songs of the year so far: Whip my Hair by Willow Smith. (You may recall our recent tribute at the beach a few short weeks ago) We have been developing a concept for the video over the last week or so and after much preparation, we finally filmed today. The video has yet to be made, but I thought I'd share a couple pictures.

We went a little crazy on the hair and makeup and decided to weave felt in our hair and glue jewels all over our face. I think it adds a little pizazz, don'tcha think?

The video is easier explained by watching it, but lets just say it involves lots of paint, THE most unflattering outfit I've ever worn and lots of embarrassing dancing on my part. Lots of embarrassing dancing.

We were pretty much drenched in paint by the end of the day. That and the fact that we each had about one can of hair spray in our hair made for pretty long showers at the end of the day. (My new blonde hair has in uninvited pink streak hanging out in the front right now. Grr.)

I've got pretty cool friends.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This video makes me want to travel, learn a language and fall in love.
Le sigh.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


THIS JUST IN! No sooner did I rave about Kaitlin Patton right here on this very blog that I got the most amazing phone call of my life from dear Don and Linda! KAITLIN IS COMING TO SAVANNAH!!!!! So so ososososos sos fosofofddajfa;l excited!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I don't know why I haven't done this sooner.

I would like to introduce you to the 2nd best blog on the web, Il Est Un Grand Pif. Just kidding. It's definitely 1st. This is my dear sister, Kaitlin's amazing blog. I'm not one to over exaggerate (wait...yes I am) but this blog is literally the most amazing thing since the invention of the mini oreo. Beside's the fact that she steals over half of her material from my blog, her posts are sharp, whitty and totally 100% Kaitlin. She has yet to really purge all of her personal problems all over her blog for pitty and completely beg for sympathy over her emotional issues like someone else I know, but give it time and she'll get there too.
Sidenote: my sister is the best.
I digress; all I have to say is that if you don't check out her blog, you will be responsible for the downfall of your own pathetic life. Too much? No. I'm serious.

Just give me a chance.

I would eat every last one of these if given the opportunity.


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face because it's the first day of March. I could not be more thrilled that it is finally March. January and February seemed to clump together as one large chill and I'm ready to be thawed out, so to speak. March means a lot of things. March means the end of a dreadfully dull Winter academic quarter (good riddance, color theory). March means Spring Break at Hague Point and Asheville, NC is only 15 days away. March means the start of a more challenging and therefore more fruitful Spring quarter. March means only 36 more days until I come home to be in Tamara's wedding. March means lots of bike rides, spring dresses and sunny days in the park. I can't wait.