Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh hey, Academia.

It's the first day of the quarter and I am actually really really excited. This morning I have Nonfiction Writing (my father rejoices) with a professor that I have heard really good things about and then tonight... the big kahuna. Intro to Fashion Design. Yikes. This is the class that is either going to A) confirm the fact that my lifelong dream of becoming a designer is, in fact, something that I really enjoy doing and could be good at or B) confirm the fact that my lifelong dream of becoming a designer is, in fact, something that I really hate doing and am terrible at. Let's just say I'm a little nervous.

I'm currently sitting in my room dissecting my rolling racks for the perfect first day look (something that always brings a bright spot to the first day of school). It has to be stylish and interesting, but definitely nothing that looks like I'm trying too hard to be noticed. Actually-- the worst thing that could happen is that I look like I'm trying too hard to look like I'm not trying to hard. I mean, I might as well wear my bra and underwear to class instead. Geesh.

Have a good day, everyone! I miss all you crazy Californians already. Can you believe it's only been 2 days?

Sudden realization that needs to be said:
I don't think you guys realize how much I appreciate that people read this blog. The love and support I get from it cannot be measured and I am still a little confused why anyone would take 5 minutes of their day to spend here, but believe me when I say that I am honored.


  1. I read your blog every day!! Sorry I don't comment more. Good luck with your intro to design class-hopefully it will help you put things into place. :)

  2. Hi Julia, I subscribe to your blog and enjoy reading about your adventures. My daughter Baille is also a fashion major and she is the one that turned me on to your blog. Good luck on your first day of the new semester and I hope that your intro to Fashion Design class confirms (A). Good luck.

    Linda Y

  3. Linda Y -- thanks for your kind comment and wonderful support of Julia -- I hope Baille is having a great experience and finding her niche too!

    Jujubeeee -- yeps, not the same with you, but glad you're back safe and sound with you Jojuh family! Pic of what you chose the first day? Prob too late! Won't give it away, but glad your first day of classes filled you UP!! Love you!