Saturday, October 15, 2011


You will never guess what we did last night.

You just won't. So don't even try. 


We drove two and a half hours to Charleston, SC to watch... wait for it... 


When Frances told me about this event a couple weeks ago, I was shocked (and thrilled) that something so ridiculous even existed. Midgets? Wrestling? This is too good to be true. 

How--? Why--? But... Don't they-- I mean... 

The questions in my head were coming too quick to even process, but after asking Frances to confirm my suspicion a couple of times, I was all in. 

So last night, Frances, Olivia, Tyler and myself all jumped in the car to witness this novelty. I was so excited. We all were so excited. 

After a lovely evening drive and some AMAZING fried chicken, we got to the venue. 

Hmm... why is it all dark in there? And so quiet? 

Well, the answer to those questions was that it, of course, was CANCELLED. 


No. This is not a joke. 

Unfortunately, due to the lack of needed permits, the event was cancelled. Slightly bummed, but not devastated, we decided to make Giants out of Midgets and enjoy our night anyway. 

This just confirms my belief in if something is too good to be true (i.e. midgets wrestling), it probably is. 

We strolled the streets of Charleston for a bit before grabbing some gelato and heading home. 

I had decided earlier to record all the bits of our evening, including the wrestling, and make a small video and in spite of the change in plans, I was still was able to record the wonders of our night like I had planned to do all along. 

Here I give you a small video montage.

A short overview of the video: excitement leaving, excitement eating, confusion at arrival, sadness at it's cancellation, excitement for gelato, lethargy in the car, dance break, drive home, excitement at the arrival back at home. 

**Please excuse the language in the song-- I'm sorry. I really do apologize and I feel like there have been an awful lot of these disclaimers lately, but it just had to be done. Just put your computer on mute if you don't like it and complain in the comments section. I can take it.

I promise this aggressive language will not become a theme of this blog. Pinky promise.

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