Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wish List

I was going to wait until December 1st to post this, but I just couldn't wait anymore. I am terrible with these because usually I think of something that I would love as a gift and then two minutes later, it has completely disappeared from my brain, but this year, my trusty iPhone 4 and I created a system of lists that has kept me from forgetting anything therefore allowing you guys to buy me more. Some are expensive and ridiculous and some are cheap and ridiculous. There's something for everyone! Isn't that nice of me?

This is my official Christmas wish list:

Pasta maker- there is nothing better than homemade pasta and it is so incredibly easy... as long as you have pasta maker

Light box- I will be needing a light box more and more in the next couple years of school and having one of my own would be ideal. I just told my parents about this the other day and my mom said that my dad made his own back when they were first married. What? Cool! Now I want a homemade light box. 

iPod- Remember how mine got stolen? :( I hate asking for this as a gift and I've always bought my own, but I figured I'd throw it in there.

iPad- I don't expect anyone to actually buy this for me. But I feel like as a gadget fan and human living in 2011, I'd be so lame not to ask for one. 

Records- I got my amazing record player for my birthday and have been slowly building my record catalogue ever since. Buying records is tricky ground because obviously I have to like the music, but if you are 100% confident that I will like a certain record, I probably will. I like people's music recommendations-- especially when having them on vinyl makes them automatically cool. 

Socks- I am easily the coldest person in the world. I am always cold. And, how convenient, my roommates are always hot. This typically results in a conversation quite similar to this: Us sitting on the couch and someone passively mentions "Did someone turn the heat on?" (and by someone they totally mean me). Then someone else chimes in with "Yeah-- it is so freaking hot in here. I can't breathe." This is always stated very sincerely as if they are literally going to suffocate and die. Then I, typically, in a defensive and irrational tone, say something to the affect of "How are you guys hot!? It's like negative 76 degrees in here!" Inevitably, 4 against 1 wins and the heat is turned off. And I freeze to death. So, I need socks. Warmer than the target ankle peds I wear now. But nothing with lots of pattern. Mostly neutral colors, if you please. 

Cool Coffee Table Books- Actually, just this book that Kaitlin showed me the other day called Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life. But if you happen to find any other interesting books that are also visually appealing, I'd love to display them in the competitive real estate that is the book shelf behind my bed. 

That lipstick at Mac that made me feel like a million bucks- I've always wanted a signature lipstick and there have been many that tried and failed, but I think I may finally be on to something. There was a key component that is vital to the success of a red lip-- something I only learned about post break down this weekend: Lip Liner. Apparently, if you're gonna be a Red Lipstick kind of gal (something I totally think I have the potential to be if given the chance), you need to go the extra mile and pull out the lip liner. The name of the lipstick was Russian Red and the lipliner was Kiss Me Quick.

Old Typewriter- I want a typewriter real bad. But I only want it if it's old and cool looking. This would be the gift that, if done correctly, would go down in the books as one of the all time greats. The look on my face when I unwrap the present and reveal the old, worn in keys might actually bring me to tears. I want to write. Lots and lots of writing. And I feel like the clunky and loud properties of an old typewriter would only enhance the words on the page. I mean, similar to the idea of "if these walls could talk," imagine the worlds and the possibilities of scenarios that have gone down on an old typewriter?

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