Monday, November 7, 2011

Survey Says

Fun fact about me: I want to be James Lipton. I mean-- no. I still want to be me, but I just want to have James Lipton's job. Have you ever watched Inside the Actor's Studio? Dude knows EVERYTHING. "Mr. Scorsese, is it true that in third grade you were sent to the principals office for cutting a classmate's braids off?" "Ms. Streep, I heard that you can do the splits. Would you mind demonstrating?" "Denzel, why don't you share with the class your ability to levitate 8 feet in the air." HOW DOES HE FIND THIS STUFF OUT?! In case you are a newcomer to this little community of Bushkans, first, let me welcome you: Welcome. And second, let me just tell you that I am kind of obsessed with interviews. Blame it on my nosiness (I prefer to call it curiosity), but I just absolutely luuuuv hearing about people's lives. I love autobiographies, I love documentaries and I love asking way too many questions. Sorry. I just want to know you more!

So, when I ran out of roommates to interview, you all thought that I would finally have to get creative and actually think of something interesting to do on this blog. HA! You had no idea about the tricks I was about to pull out of my fashion forward sleeves. That's right, folks. Joke's on you. You see, I had a golden nugget of an idea at the beginning of the quarter when I did the ginormous post about our beautiful home that I have been keeping in the wings for the perfect opportunity to reveal (or I was just too lazy to actually do it).

I was taking pictures of everyone's closets when it hit me how each of us has such a distinct and personal style. And within that style, we are all equally awesome, but so amazingly different. So, I decided to take a page out of the Sartorialist handbook and do a small series on personal style. And why just have cool pictures when you can ask awesome questions at the same time!? On top of all of this, I just know that my riveting looks at Frances, Claire, Olivia and Spencer through their vinterviews* definitely left you guys wanting more and wondering when you were going to be able to get the chance to know all of them better. Well, rest easy, friends. Let me introduce you to, what I like to call the, "You Wanna-piece-ah-me? Roomie Questionnaires: 2011 Edition." Personal style pics combined with laugh out loud funny questions asked by yours truly resulted in a magical unicorn amazingness level of blog posts.  

And because I am learning to be a more of a "strategic blogger" (more on this later), I am going to cliffhanger this shiz and wait until tomorrow for the first installment. And I don't want to overwhelm you with reading. (Gotta keep em coming back.) Until then, I am leaving you with a teaser of what's to come. This is all you get. Someone's toes. But who's? That's one secret I'll never tell.

*Vinterview is a hybrid word that I just invented that is video and interview combined. Vinterview. Pass it on.

PS. If you love a good celebrity interview like me and have lots of spare time on your hands like me, check out a couple of my absolute favorite sources.
Red Band Trailer, 7 Minutes In Heaven, Blue Fly, and Between Two Ferns. They are golden.


  1. "You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl."

    Loved the Blair coat picture in the last post also btw.


  2. The anticipation is just killing me...