Thursday, November 3, 2011

I just, like, really need chocolate.

This morning I decided to take a brake from the craziness that was this week and just bake some good old chocolate chip cookies.

I have been so paranoid about gaining the freshman 15 (or sophomore 16, I guess?) since coming to college that I barely ever make gratuitous desserts like I am known to do from time to time at home. So far, I have avoided the extra poundage (Can I get a what what?!), but I guess sometimes you can take the girl out of the bakery, but you can't take the bakery out of the girl.

And let me just clarify something real quick-- Earlier, when I said "bake some good old chocolate chip cookies," I hope you all know that that really means "make some good old chocolate chip cookie dough and eat it all. By myself."

Ok. Good.

1 comment:

  1. okay. wait. are we twins?? i had to make an emergency run to the grocery store last night to get me some dough. while i didn't actually bake any of the dough... it satisfied by chocolate craving :)