Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I mean, come on now.

I hardly ever talk about my love life on this blog because, let's be honest, nobody wants  to read about a single college gal's desperate search for love as she navigates the mysteries of life on her own in the big city. You don't want to read that and I really don't want to write about it either.

But I will say, since we're all friends here, that I would absolutely love to have a boyfriend one of these days.

Is that too much to ask?

It is?

Ok, ok-- then what about just like a crush? Or a semi-flirty texting relationship? No? Fine. What about just a dancing partner?! Heck, I'd even settle for a honk o' the horn as I walk across the street in a particularly flattering outfit.

But alas, it remains: Julia Patton. Table for One. Le sigh.

That's all I'll say on the matter.

*this post in no way is begging for pity. 


  1. hahaha juj you will i promise! youre too sexaayyyy to be single! but dont confuse single with being alone cuz its not! love u! <3

  2. I want to hear about your love life! Anytime you want to write about it, I am all...eyes. To read. About it.

  3. ditto the le sigh. and i better see you this break. xoxo, Bryn

  4. i think your an amazing gal and boys at scad don't exist unless we decide to take up the architecture building as our next hang out spot, rookie love ;)

  5. Love is a great topic of all the ages. I have realized this on this Thanksgiving. From me to you, it is not too much to want a relationship. The great thing is for right now you do have relationships-and some pretty great ones at that... "It" will come at an unexpected moment and you will beat all of us to the alter. (but seriously...and then we can all be merry and dance and dance and dance and remember that one time in front of Publix and how what we were talking about wasn't too far fetched). have hope little one...You'll always have a table for two (especially with Claire around). good tidings.