Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dreaming of Iceland.

Could this week be going any slower?

I've been killing major time with designing mock-ups of my new Alfred Lord Tennyson inspired T-shirt Designs (more on this later) and pretending I'm in Iceland.

What have you been doing this week? Please tell me.


  1. to answer your question, no. it could not be going any slower. haha cant wait for u to be home! <3

  2. UGHHHHHH! The only reason I'm glad I'm leaving Hawaii (that, in answer to your question is what I've been doing this last week! :o) ) is that it brings me closer to seeing you and the Kates Baby!!!! So, my weekend, thinking that I have to wait until Monday to see you, is going to crawl!

    Iceland looks so amazing... when are we going... or maybe that's presumptuous... when are you going? They need a fashionista!

  3. Well, I have been eagerly waiting for the snow storm to come that is predicted to hit today and not stop until the weekend. Last weekend me and my housemate got so excited that it was "slushing" (snowing in the sky but then turns to rain by the time it hits the ground) we stopped our homework, ran to the local coffeehouse, lit some candles, parked our butts on the couch for the rest of the day and watched Twilight. It was wonderful! And I am hoping we can repeat that this week(: So excited to see you my love!

  4. I don't think you really want to know about my most hectic week involving presentations, papers, worksheets, listening to boring professors, going to a natural child birthing class, and to top it off a nice 30 page paper and that's only half of it! You are so right in saying this week is crawling by though...I cannot wait for Friday at 530pm. My life will be so exciting for 10 days, then back to reality. :/