Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This is what I need:

Bras. I accidentally just dropped all of mine off at the laundromat.
I was wearing my bathing suit, if your wondering about the logistics.
I was wearing my bathing suit because all of my bras were dirty.
Was this story an over-share?
Lightbulbs. The second out of three lightbulbs just quit on me. This small room is feeling extra moody right now.
Scratch that.
I'd prefer natural light. In my room. In the kitchen. In the living room. In the hallway. This small room is feeling extra depressing right now.
Food to prepare dinner.
Money to buy food. Do you see where I'm going with this?
That dress that I didn't buy at the flea market this Sunday.
I had already started regretting it an hour after I said goodbye to it.
Why didn't I go back? Drat.
That's right. I didn't go back because I was saving money for my fictitious dinner. Double drat.
To stop buying clothes.
To write my bio for this blog. It's on the New Bushka To-Do List.
Yes, this list exists and is constantly growing with wonderful new ideas.
Get someone to write my bio for this blog.
I want a bio as good as Kaitlin Patton's Facebook bio. But more factually based.
To watch the Bachelorette.
But I have to watch it on Hulu. More like BOOOOlu.
To wake up early enough in the morning to watch the two hours of the Bachelorette while also giving myself more than 2 minutes to get ready before I need to leave. Cough cough. This morning. Cough.
To stop watching The West Wing until 2 minutes before I need to leave in the morning.
To stop watching The West Wing.
No, but seriously though, I need to figure out this bra situation. I have work in the morning. 
On the other hand: YOLO.  
Move to Scranton.
Move to Palo Alto
Stop buying books and actually start reading books.
Call Tamara.
Call Dionna.
Google to find out if I can call someone in the UK.
Call Maggie.
Move to England.
Find a way to come to terms with the fact that I have a negative reaction to caffeinated coffee.
Convince myself it's not embarrassing to order decaf.
Convince myself that this does not make me a weaker person.
Burn the paper I wrote last quarter about how cool drinking adult coffee makes me feel.
A little excitement.
A little regret.
A little perspective.
Someone to take at least one cool picture of me this summer. Sorry, mom and Kait's. You tried.
A pet butterfly. Name it Margery. {See what I did there}
Only use {these} from now on and never use (these) again.
To make something.
To make a pie.
To make eggs.
To make lasagna.
To eat an avocado.
To eat dinner.

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  1. zing zing zing i like this post...makes me all excited. like a little Sylvia Plath popped on in to say hello to Julia that day. helloooo Julia