Thursday, July 12, 2012

Speaking of clothes:

I cannot stress enough the importance of a well-fitting black t-shirt.

Some may assume that all t-shirts are created equal when this is just simply not the case. Take, for example, the difference in sleeve length, neckline, general fit, fabric weight... I mean, come on, people!! One option may be totally suitable for a day at the gym, while sometimes a black t-shirt (when painstakingly chosen-- and ONLY when totally brand spanking new) may even be able to pass at a black tie event.

...I said sometimes.

I am currently at a terrifying crossroads in my solid black t-shirt path. My go-to, O.G., scoop neck tee is slowly (but, really quite suddenly) working its way from top-dog, round-the-clock, Saturday night possibility to bottom-of-the-pile, only-when-desperate, Wednesday afternoon, post nap situation. I am the insensitive and totally shallow Andy to my ever trusty and always there for me Woody in this heart wrenching situation. Or worse! Maybe I'm Sid!

But, I must say that when it comes to such a necessity as the black t-shirt, I feel lost without the proper options this summer. So, it is time for a new day. I am officially on the hunt.

As Vicky's boyfriend Brooks always says,"It's good for you to embrace the past, but not look to it." Wise words, Brooks. I will heed your wisdom.

These are the issues worth talking about in such trying times.

Come on. Some one back me up, here.

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