Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playlist: Walk to Work

Good morning, my sweets! We find ourselves in the middle of yet another week! The question that Wednesday always brings is what have you done with and what will you do with this week of burgeoning potential?! (Can you tell I got a good nights sleep?)

Whether you are catching my proverbial vibes and sitting passenger on the sunshine train or you're sludging through perhaps a less than pleasant hump day, I hope that I am about to share something that will brighten the mood either way.

A playlist! Yes, my deers (not a typo), I have once again hand crafted the string of tunes that will suit the mood of a day of errands, the drive home from a dinner with friends, or specifically in my situation, the 1.4 mile walk to Marc Headquarters and the 1.4 mile walk back.

Sidenote: Did I just use the word 'proverbial' right? I'm not sure if I've ever quite gotten that one.


The handy dandy little embedded player that I used to use for such posts as these no longer exists. Such a pity. That was so helpful, wasn't it? Now, I have to give you a less impressive presentation and introduce my master mix with a far less glamorous link.


There it is.


In spite of it's pitiful, gray smize (Tyra reference), I promise that if you click on the link and listen to the songs, you will at least for 1 second smile.

And isn't that thought so much more pleasant than not smiling at all this morning?

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