Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pie Week: Buttercup Bake Shop

The following is an exact transcription from note's taken live, on site, during pie consumption:

Buttercup Bake Shop
Midtown East

6 train has a three hour delay
The shop closes in an hour. 
Not enough time to walk.
I guess I'll take a cab.

This might be the worst cabbie I've had all summer.
That's saying a lot.
I hope I live to eat this pie.

$11 cab ride.
This pie better be worth it.

Ok. Now, this is a bakery. No fuss. No muss. Just sugar. And frosting.
This place isn't trendy at all which makes it unknowingly super trendy.

They only sell they're pies whole.
It seems I may have to buy a whole pie.
Oh! A Loop hole! A 6 inch pie! wonderful! I mean, still-- a lot of pie-- but who's complaining?

I'm going with the peach pandowdy.
They seal it in a white box.
I guess this means I'm taking it to-go.

Walking out, the girl behind the counter says she likes my hair. 
Does she know there is a competition going on? 
Good move. 
5 points.

Walking home now, it sinks in that I have just allowed myself to buy a whole pie. For the sake of experience. And pie week. A week that I invented that ultimately has no affect on anything.
I feel no Remorse.

Ok. I'm home. Let's crack this baby open.

Crust. Outstanding. Crunchy with a generous dusting of cinnamon sugar on top.

Peach filling is not up to par with last nights peaches. They are cut into little cubes- which doesn't prove anything, but it also implies that they aren't fresh.

Definitely more syrupy. This is a quality I was trying to avoid.

This pie is good. This pie is not great. This is pie that you make after googling "worlds best pie recipe" and trying to make it for the first time. When I close my eyes, I see nothing. I don't see grandma pulling it out of the oven or fireworks or kittens. I see nothing.  Just a pie.

Ultimately, I feel bad for the guys. The bar was set so high by last nights pie, how could this compare?

But let me stress again-- crust: outstanding.

Overall Pie Week Grade: 83%

Update: it's 20 minutes later. I just ate, like, all the crust off the pie.

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  1. So relieved ...thought there wasn't going to be pie #2...should have known better...I apologize. Crust looked amazing just to look at before even reading commentary (thought your description of last night's (overworked) appeared right on the money...looked hard and dry -that's why you write the blog...you know words like "overworked" and use me at the right time.).

    I'm sorry there were no fireworks, but relieved there were no kittens.