Friday, December 9, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

Remember how I told you little kidlets to hurry up and watch Bill Cunningham: New York? Because it was amazing and inspiring and because Bill Cunningham is weird and adorable? Well, even though none of you have watched it yet, I have taken the lessons of Bill and his crusade of fashion fun with me. Something kind of funny has happened and now whenever I get dressed in the morning (or... let's be honest... usually more around 11:00) I think of poor Bill riding around NY on his bike wondering where all of the creatively dressed people are. So I put down the jeans and indulge in a little more imaginative outfit.  

So the other day, when I was being fiscally responsible and returning an unneeded pair of shoes to the mall, I stumbled across these beauties. Typically, my wardrobe consists of lots of pattern and color while still standing firmly on the side of practical. I never buy anything that wouldn't match with lots of other colors. And I never buy anything that seems to attract a lot of attention. I smiled at them and thought of all of the great outfits they would complete, but then walked away leaving them for a more bold shopper to make the move. 

Then I heard the voice or Mr. Cunningham in my head whispering, "Why not? Don't be so dreary!" So, before the courage left me, I turned around, grabbed the pair, walked up to the salesman and confidently stated,"Size 8, please!"

10 minutes later, I walked out of the store with a new pair of glitter covered shoes. 

Somewhere in New York, Bill Cunningham is smiling. 

Now I just need to build up enough confidence again to actually wear them outside of my room. 


  1. We are the same shoe size!?!? Best friends in the making.