Saturday, February 4, 2012

Speaking of Downton Abbey...

So, my love affair with Downton has only gotten worse. Yesterday I found this video that had me cracking up.

If you're a Downton fan (I'm looking at you, Mrs. Younkman), you will understand.

If you're not... I have nothing positive to say to you.


  1. Too funny. I am officially hooked on the show and have told other people about it and they are now hooked too.

  2. This makes me really want to watch it now.haha I am telling you now that I promise to watch it over summer! Right now there are just too many shows that occupy too much of my time already...The Bachelor, Real Housewives of OC, Bethenny Ever After, Hart of Dixie, Greys....just to name a few. So freaking excited to start though!!!

  3. only if you've seen it... only if you're a devoted fan, will this video resonate with you....

    it resonated

  4. hahah Can't literally wait for the next season!! Dan Stevens <3

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