Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm an Artist.

In CMPA (computer class), we are learning to use Photoshop. It is confusing and illogical and very frustrating.


I am learning to make amazing stuff like this. 

I mean, I wouldn't quite consider myself a pro yet, per say, but, I mean, take one look at these pictures and I'd say that it is obvious that I'm pretty good at this.

Was it a requirement to include pictures of yourself in the pieces? No. Do I think that I'll be slightly embarrassed when I have to present these in front of the class tomorrow morning? Maybe. But, at 11:48 on a Wednesday night in Jen Library, do I think these are the funniest and most creative thing I've done so far this quarter? Absolutely. Yes.


  1. We are so proud, we are speechless.

    So fun

  2. I seriously LOVE you so much!! These are great!