Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I also just want to say...

...that I have absolutely zero problem or slight hesitation about packing up all of my clothes, a few books, my extensive back-stock of fabric, my Bonnie Raitt cassette tape and a box of oreos into this Jeep and hitting the road. 

At this point in the evening, I have done so much fashion sketching that I kind of hate myself and anyone who has ever lived and spoken one word of anything fashion related.

I'll be back to life in a few hours. Just let me mindlessly browse Pinterest for a little bit.

By the way-- to make matters 800 times worse, I am completely out of Oreos. I mean, maybe it's because I already at two three four of them earlier this afternoon, but still... this would happen.

(I guess I did have something to complain about say today on my blog after all-- SORRY!) 


  1. Pack that bad boy up and come to Washington!!! We got 2ish inches of snow last night...who's up for a little sledding and snowman making???


  2. Taryn-- it's 78 and humid here today. I'm jealin.