Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Love Spring Break

I love how excited Spencer was to finish Winter quarter and go to California. 

I love being a creepy roommate.

I love how, even when traveling, Spencer fits in some "me" time and paints her nails at the airport. 

I love the desert views from the plane to California. 

I LOVE Balboa Island walks and I LOVE being reunited with my two sisters. 

I just love this picture.

I love having red hair one day and having an ambiguously colored pixie the next.

I love Crystal Cove and I love old friends. 

I love the cliffs at El Moro.

We ALL love La Serena. 

I love the Top of the World. 

I love when Claire falls asleep in the car after "a big breakfast."

I love Grandma Bunny. 

I love the drive to the desert. ...The second half, at least.

I love laying in the grass and laughing with two of my best friends. 

I love how excited these two were about the Seal on the dock. 

I love how she was literally brought to tears about it.

I love my B10LA friends.

I don't love leaving.


  1. AHHH seeing all those pictures makes me want to go back home! You went to see Grandma Bunny??? Did she make you pie or am I the only lucky granddaughter who gets pie when I visit?;) Love you!

  2. COME BAAACCCKKKK!!!! ps i love all of this

  3. I love it you were here. I love it you'll be here again. I love you brought your friends with you. I love your friends. I love you!