Thursday, March 22, 2012


By request of Grandma Bunny and Nicole Riha, I just wanted to say, Hello.

I am still alive.

I am still in California.

I cut off all my hairs.

I am heading back to Savannah on Saturday.

I have had so much fun being home.

I have had so much fun showing my roommates my home. (Minus Oli. Who I have dearly missed.)

I am not ready to leave.

I will probably cry at the airport.

I am not ready to start a new quarter on Monday-- let alone the hardest quarter thus far at SCAD.

This might have been the longest sabbatical from blogging I've taken in the last two years. Weird. I miss you guys... All my blogging friends. Is that weird to say? Well, it's true. I have been taking lots o' pics with my phone. When Spring Break is over, we will resume our regular programming.

I'm in a melancholy mood. Can you tell?


  1. It was nice to see that darling smile again! Missed reading your updates!
    Aunt Beth

  2. GOOD! Hi to Linda Loo and Donaldo! We're off to see the acreage of the Pattons in the beautiful mountains of the blue ridge. There you could have a vacation home for gathering with all your East Coast Family! Talk it up Frances and Spencer and Claire and Oli!!!