Monday, October 29, 2012


Do you ever have that moment when you're at a Bakery with your friends and after a conversation lasting no more than 25 seconds about how bored you are with your hair, you decide that you should head to CVS and dye your entire head bleach blonde in your kitchen? And then when it doesn't really pan out as well as you'd originally hoped, you have to spend about 8 hours of your day originally allotted for intense homeworking on fixing said bleach blonde orange hair into something a little less offensive? 

Just me? 

Ok. Cool.  

It's rough. It's orange.  It's a little pink too. But I'm here. Standing before you. Hatless and crying laughing with you. 

What'd you do this weekend? 


  1. Bleach it again and use a purple based toner this time! :)

    1. oh, reeaaallyyyy? what exactly does that do?

    2. If you use a purple or blue based toner, it counter-acts the yellowy orange hues in your hair to make it...not orange. haha. I've always had problems with this in the past, and have even used purple shampoos (buy them at beauty supply stores like Sally's) to no avail, until I tried straight up purple dye mixed with conditioner. A little of that, and the orange was completely gone! I know I didn't explain very well, but if you do some research it's actually not that complicated. I like your hair best blonde, it looks good!
      Cheers :)

    3. Also I recommend going to Sally's and buying bleach powder + a 20 or 30 volume developer, toner, then whatever blonde color you desire! Okay, I'm done with the hair advice This is apparently what I do while procrastinating!

  2. You're beautiful -- seriously!!! Maybe I can't see the pinkish , fleshy, sunsetty colors in your hair, but I sincerely (and unbiasedly) think you are gorgeous! And check out those eyes!!