Monday, October 22, 2012


This weekend. Busy. Ok, so maybe I was a little over-ambitious. Remember that list that I made last week? THE ALL CAPS ONE? Yeah. A bit much. I mean, hair dying, pants dying, homemade pasta, homework AND a corn maze!? A. Bit. Much. For. One weekend. 

But, I definitely tried to squeeze it all in-- I wanted to squeeze it all in-- I was close to squeezing it all in-- And I almost squeezed it all in. But, I just couldn't. Unfortunately, a lot of this weekend was spent at my desk working on a particularly frustrating and trial and error driven illustration project that after about 8 ours of work on Saturday another 12 yesterday finally took shape las night at around 9:00. Yikes. 

And although there was no jam, this weekend, there were tacos. 
And although my jeans have yet to turn a mustard-tan-brown-bleachy color, the dye has been bought. 
And although I was not able to run carefree through the walls of a cornmaze, the weather was blissfully cool enough for me to wear wooly socks everyday. 

But, I did get to hang out with Spencer and write a lot and, my favoritest of all: PHOTOGRAPH MY DRESS! So fun. Remember that red dress? From way back in last Spring? Whether you do or don't, I will be posting the awesome pictures the second they arrive in my hot little hands from the ever talented Kara Reichart

Here's a preview! YEEEE!!! I love it. Kara, you are a photo maven. 

Please excuse me while I go register for Winter quarter classes. (You would all be so proud of me-- I haven't even had a panic attack yet today and I'm registering in 10 minutes. I've come so far)

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