Saturday, May 12, 2012

To Atlanta and Back

On Thursday, I did one of the most spontaneous things in a while. Again, I had another crazy week with school and by Wednesday, I had decided that I was going to pull a T.H. and "Treat Yo Self" by skipping class. Or, let's not call it skipping class-- let's go with "strategically planning an extremely productive day with the exclusion of sitting in class." Yes. That's better. 

So, on Wednesday evening, when Frances informed me that the work she had entered into a competition was now on display in Atlanta and that she was debating whether or not to go, I decided that the best use of my time and energy was to be a supporter and go with. 

So the next day, Frances, Oli and I hit the road. 

When we go there, we discovered that it was a seriously beautiful day in Atlanta. 75 degrees. Sunny. A light breeze. And virtually no humidity!!!!

We ate lunch at Chipotle.

We got dessert at Whole Foods.

We laid in the sun in the grass at Piedmont Park. 

 We got to see Frances' art in all it's glory at SCAD Atlanta. (I pulled a major mom card and made her take a her picture by her art-- in spite of major objections.)

We wandered around the SCAD Atlanta building for a while.

And then we went home! It such a fun jaunt outside of the normal routine and something that kind of hit my reset button. 

Can you believe there are only 3 weeks left in the quarter? And only 2 and a half weeks until I go to New York? What?! Kind of freaking out over here. 


  1. We are currently driving home from the big WA. Unfortunately not as fun and exciting as your little adventure, but as always, your post makes us smile and leads us to talking for the next hour about how wonderful our cousins are(: so glad you were able to have a rejuvenating weekend before the final push to the end. You got it girl! Love you!

  2. Go girl! love that live each day! you look adorable!!! xoxoxox