Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is what I know:

I am in New York City.
I was in Savannah this morning.
Somehow I got to my apartment in spite of my sensory overload.
Carried my suitcases up 4 flights of stairs.
I live in Soho.
My room is the size of our pantry at home.
I kind of love it.
List of furniture in my room includes: mattress on floor. my two suitcases stacked to make a table. That's it.
I kind of love it.
All of this really doesn't matter because of one thing that I do have in my room: Exposed Brick. Dream come true.
Although, the concrete in-between the bricks sort of looks like meatloaf...
But there's also a window. So, I'm set.
The internet is named "Wafflefries."
I found a dead cockroach on my floor.
I hate that, but I am grateful that it was dead.
New york was really scary to me for about two hours.
I was considering what my summer would look like if I literally just went to work everyday and never did anything else.
I was ok with that plan for about two hours.
Turns out, I just needed a nap.
I have two roommates.
Roommate number 1: Ashley. 26. Born in Chicago. Grew up in Florida. Moved to New York. Moved back to Florida. Moved back to New York. Freelance something.
Roommate number 2: Julio. Pronounced like Julia. But with an O. (Boy). 22. Senior at Bard. Intern at HBO for the summer.
Both friendly.
He said he really liked my hair.
Quote: "By the way, I really like your hair. It's awesome."
Wow, Julio. Slow your roll. I'm not that kind of intern.
These people will work, I suppose.
But I miss my real roommates.
But not that bad.
Just kidding.
I miss you guys REALLLL bad.
Julio took me to Trader Joe's down the street.
Yes. Trader Joe's = down the street. What up.
Not a date.
I didn't really know what to buy.
Ended up getting asparagus and Raspberry Sorbet.
I'm doing my best to confuse Julio.
David, my cashier at TJ's, told me to try the peach sorbet next time because it's the best ever.
Doesn't take much.
Decided that I was going to spend the rest of the night sitting on my bed and coming to terms with all recent developments.
Realized I had to drop off my rent.
This, of course, changed my plans of being a bump on a log.
Did it.
This is when things got good. 
Hit up Starbucks. Should have gone somewhere cooler, but I was too scared. 
Baby steps. 
I began to realize that I live in an amazing area.
I began to remember why I love New York so much.
I began smiling.
I couldn't stop smiling.
Dropped off the rent.
Found where I work.
Prime lo-caysh.
Walked back to my apartment... I need to think of a cooler name for my apartment... TBD.
Stumbled upon a lot of cool restaurants.
Stumbled upon an indoor park. (pictured above)
Phone died four blocks from home, but I found my apartment anyway!!!! Victories!
I need to take a shower but I don't have a towel. 
Too soon to borrow one from one of my roommates. 
Because we're still "roommates." 
Not "roomies."
Other things I need to buy: 
More sorbet.
I just talked to Casey on the phone and told her everything about everything.
Including my first impressions of both of my roommates.
Not sure if Julio can hear everything I'm saying through our shared wall. 
Not quite how sure I'm going to figure this out. 
Just talked to the amazing Lindsay Giambattista on the phone as well and found out she's coming to NYC in a few short weeks!!! 
So exciting!
But what is even more exciting is why she's coming-- This little lady made it into the top 5 in a scholarship competition for Seventeen magazine out of hundreds of other losers and now she might be on the cover!! Of Seventeen magazine and win $20,000!!
So exciting.
So. Exciting. 
Julio probably thinks I'm one of those people who just talks on the phone all day. 
But I'm not! 
I promise! 
Oh, Julio with a J.
I'm excited to see our relationship play out. 

I am having dinner with Wren tonight.
I have work tomorrow.
I get to see Tracy at some point this weekend.
I am having dinner with Beth Anne on Saturday.
That is the extent of my schedule.

Oh, wow. What a freaking day to be alive.

And you know what else is really great? I've gotten to talk to nearly everyone that I really love today (well, that's a lie... I didn't talk to a lot of you, but... anyway...) and almost all of those people have such exciting things happening this summer!

This summer has been officially dubbed as the summer of dreams. I will be sure to keep you all posted on the adventures of this summer.


Wow. wow. wow. How did I get here? I'm so confused.

Happily confused.


  1. "what a freaking day to be alive." YES. score. take pictures of mac and cheese so i can live vicariously through you.

  2. So excited to see you in the big city! Hugs until then! Aunt Beth Anne

  3. Juj!!! I am SO stoked for you! Live it up and have the time of your life!!! And know that back on the home front I'll be reading your blog religiously! Love you sister!!

    Sarah Mull

  4. You are going to have an amazing summer!!! I cannot wait to read all about it on here! Wish you here with me, but I can deal(: By the way, brick is my most favorite thing in the whole entire world...I've decided it's a necessary feature in my future house. In other words, I'm happy you have brick. Love you! Be safe! Have fun! Be creative!

  5. We still need to do S'MAC. hang in there lovely.