Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok- so sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean once) people (and by people, I mean Kaitlin) ask me where I get the images that post along with my blog entries. And I wish I could say that I found them somewhere on this far off secret bloggers club folder hidden beneath the tree of souls in Pandora, but typically, I just collect them over time from websites or blogs I follow and then save them for safe keeping until I needed.
Anyway- all this to say that I found this picture from the Grinch MONTHS ago and have wanted to use it so badly all this time, but I had n0thing to really relate it too. But, alas. It is here. Ok- so, basically, I am the little girl.....and I feel like I'm getting sick....and I don't want to get sick because there is so much to do.....and the bomb symbolism for being sick.....and I'm holding the bomb.....so, it's like I'm holding a metaphoric bomb in my hands.....and it's about to go off....which is like a metaphor it being bad that I'm getting sick when I have so much to do.....so......um......get it?
Alright, not the world's greatest connection. But I really really wanted to use it. So I may have just found any excuse to.

Fine. I guess I'll just go take some emergen-c.


  1. I hope you don't get sick.....at least you can get it over with before the holiday's though.
    Love you.
    ~Aunt Sue

  2. Juje...you explaining this reminds me exactly of how I am feeling at this very moment. I have so much to do and want to do, but if I get sick all of that will come crashing down. All I can say, being an absolute advocate for emergen-c, is to load up on it. I mean take two packets at a time four times a day. I swear by it!! It works for me everytime. Hope you feel better.

  3. Haha -- love this picture.

    Is it an ornament or a bomb?