Monday, November 1, 2010


Claire from julia patton on Vimeo.

Here we go with Part II of the Julia's Friend's Series. Up next we have Claire Barnhardt. Not only do I share a room with this pint sized bottle of sunshine, but we are also the closest thing I know to a life commitment: bunk mates. Being bunk mates with someone is no joke. There are serious responsibilities that come with sleeping on top of someone. For example, over the last few months, I've come to realize that nothing (NOTHING) wakes Claire up once she's hit the hay. I've also learned that if I don't see her walking around the room but there is absolutely no movement below me, it means that she is catching up on either Vampire Diaries or Dexter and that I shouldn't disturb her. And in turn, she has a few jobs too. It is her responsibility to catch me if/when I am ever to fall off my bed. So, Claire, be ready for that day. Besides being solely in charge of monitoring my sleeping habits, Claire is by far the happiest person I know. Her relaxed personality is not only great to live with, but also quite nice to be around when things get stressful and hairy around here. So here you go. Behold: Claire Barnhardt.

PS- After I saved this and compressed it to put online, something happened to ALL of my affects and add-ons and now they don't work. So the humor in this one is a bit more subtle, but in my opinion, just as good.

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