Friday, August 3, 2012

Pie Week: The Little Pie Company

The Little Pie Company: 

Boyz II Men.
Michael Jackson.
Brian Mcknight.
Fluorescent lighting.
A framed picture of Jamie Foxx.
No signature.
Just a framed head shot.
Old men sitting outside.
I notice all of this within the first minute of walking in the door. 
This place is legit. 


Mississippi mud pie
Am I eating heaven?
Because this is what heaven tastes like.
This whole pie basically consists of half baked brownie batter.
In other words: heaven.
And Usher just came on.
I've found the Mothership.
So decadent.
Only downfall is that it's so deliciously rich that it's hard to eat the whole thing.
This is a welcomed challenge.

Sour Cream Apple Walnut
I can't.
I can't.
This is it, you guys.
Why even continue?
This is the best apple pie.
In the world.
The crust is so flavorful.
Very brown sugary.
But still flaky and delicious.

A man just came into the shop for the chocolate pudding cup. 
Apparently, it's his third of the day.

My attention is back on the pie.
Apples are very thinly sliced. 
Paper thin.
Hardly any sauciness going on. 
Some sort of sour cream and cinnamon concoction.
More boys to men is playing.
Little pieces of candied walnuts within the apples.
But not too many that I ever think to myself "Ugh, there are too many walnuts."
I am so very happy.

As we walk out, I believe I can fly begins to play.
And I start to believe... maybe I can fly too...

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