Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not a great weekend for pie.

Friday: See this disaster.

Saturday: a pre-planned blackout day for Pie Week. Nothing to be alarmed about.

Sunday: I go to the Brooklyn Flea to get pie amongst the treasures of antique booths and the citizens of New York City. Instead, I faint due to dehydration.

No pie. No treasures.

Just me, some homeless people and free water at the cooling triage.


  1. Juj... Did you really faint?????? I'm so sorry. That's scary and no fun. And grasshopper bar... Bleck. :/

    Are you ok now???? Big smooches.

  2. JUJIE!!! Sooo wish you'd taken a pic at the triage...

    seriously, glad you're ok sweetie.

    Daddy's comment... "You should always go for the pie first... then you'd feel ok to get the jewels." :o) Oh, Daddy .... so practical! :o)

    xoxo from us