Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Remember when I called finals a "Marathon"? Well, apparently the game makers decided to turn it from a marathon to a Triathlon because I'm still going. Since I arrived here a week ago today, I have worked every single day from early morning to sometimes 10:30 at night. I am very very tired. And I am pretty overwhelmed. I will blog more extensively soon, but right now, I have to get out of bed and get dressed because work starts at 8:00.


  1. YAHOOOOOO!!!! Haven't even read the blog entry yet, but I'm sooo thrilled not to see that dam cat again! :o)

    :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :op :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) o) :o) :o)

    can you see which one's different? xoxo sorry, got too much sleep last night

  2. OMG - you must be sooo beat, sweetie!! I will be praying for you that God gives you extra energy, peace and the capacity to enjoy and learn and have fun amidst the chaos, newness, demands and change.

    Can't wait to hear about Market -- you much be seeing and learning so much.

    Ok - check out the lady's feet in your pic... her shoe color perfectly matches her legs and she looks like she has pointy toes! Cool -- I want those!

    love you

  3. I am thrilled not to see Lord friend too... Juj, praying for you. I get to see you. In July. In new York. Maybe you can take me to the Abercrombie poster. XO

  4. Hang in there! Is the excitment high keeping you going? What an incredible experiance and adventure. Enjoy!
    ~Aunt Sue

  5. Your in New York for the summer!!! I love reading your blog, but I think Lord friend is adorable and I'm highly allergic to cats! I really hope you can settle in and enjoy the experience! I'll see you the 18th and maybe even other times! Love and hugs! Aunt Beth