Friday, June 29, 2012

Mobile Uploads

I have fallen behind. There is much to share, but I do not have it in me to write a post chronicling every detail of the past week.
"But, Julia-- don't write a post chronically every detail. Just hit the main points!"
Oh, dear friend, how sweet and naive you are. I would loving nothing more than to do a brief but informative post on the going ons of my most recent days, but knowing myself and more specifically, my blogging self, that just simply will not happen. One tangent will lead to another tangent, which will then lead to some sort of romantic comedy reference, which will then in turn remind me of the recent loss of the amazing Nora Ephron to which I will begin writing a more serious and emotional few paragraphs only to find myself then circling back around to an inappropriate attempt at humor to wrap the whole post up. You see, I'd like to just hit the main points, but it just wouldn't work out.
Needless to say, due to my inherent and insatiable quest to be known, I will still be filling you all in with the most tried and true method of the much loved "Mobile Upload" Post. I've grown to love them and I hope you have too. For the record, this is quickly becoming just as long, if not longer, than initially intended.

Let's begin with the Saturday that followed the wonderfully boring Friday.

In the morning, I packed my backpack and headed for a coffee shop that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, McNally Jackson (the very site of my last weekends brief but torrid love affair with an older man), 1) because of the lovely bookstore that is in conjunction with their cafe and 2) the amazing raspberry jam filled scones that are served at said cafe.
During this particular visit, I enjoyed my scone and an earl grey tea while typing almost every thought that I've ever had about this summer into an anonymous word document on my computer with the fervor and spirit similar to that of a high school marching band at the big game. Type type type. March march march.
Due to the lack of line breaks and indentation, it is obvious that I was less concerned with formatting and more preoccupied with the intended task at hand, but in order to maintain my grammatical credibility, I want you to all know that I did, in fact, comb back over my writing and do some proofreading. Yes, I essentially edited my own journal entry. Curse you, Mrs. Wilder. I wish I could quit you.
The content of this page will never be revealed. That's one secret I'll never tell.

After 6 pages of one whole paragraph, my computer died suddenly. So, I concluded that it was time for my next adventure: the Renegade Craft Fair. I heard about the Renegade Craft Fair last summer when it was in LA, but I wasn't able to go. This year, I heard that it was in Brooklyn and I thought it'd be fun to check it out. The Craft Fair is essentially an open market for local artisans and makers. Basically, picture Etsy and a group of Brooklyn Hipsters having a love child and you will have the Renegade Craft Fair. 
So many tattoos. So many home made metal triangle necklaces. So many hand pulled Sigur Ros prints... I wanted to die. 
I mean, I'm not going to sit here and even going begin to claim that I in no way have any sort of hipster vibes in my blood because 1. saying you aren't a hipster is basically screaming "I'M A HIPSTER" 2. I did voluntarily and knowingly go to a craft fair. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn (what else do you expect to find in Williamsburg than millions of hipsters) BUT, I will say that for some reason, I thought that it would be a little more original than necklaces made out of reclaimed bowling alley floors and Korean Taco food trucks. Come on, BK. Step your game up. 
I will say that this lovely jam table really knew what they were doing with their flavor originality. Just enough familiarity that I'm not afraid to sample their product, but enough novelty that keeps them from being just another Locally Farmed and Produced Organic Brooklyn Jam Stand and goodness knows we have enough of those. ...When did I become so jaded? 

The view was lovely, though. The sight of Manhattan across the river really is something. In the spirit of full disclosure, I've decided to put up all three versions of this photo. Why I would put so much effort into editing this photo, I don't know. 

Also, I saw this woman on the subway ride back home. She's been on Bushka before. 5 blog reader points to anyone who recognizes her.

Later in the evening, I was able to go to dinner once again with my Aunt Beth who was in town for the night. I must be sure to mention that her flight attendant co-workers and friends, Pam and Heidi were also there-- something I carelessly forgot to mention the last time we all went to dinner, which was in no way a reflection of the amount of enjoyment I got out of their company (Ok, Pam?! :)

Beth took me to some secret jewelry shops near her hotel and once again spoiled me by letting me pick out a few things. So fun. 

Then we headed to dinner at Eataly, an Italian restaurant that is also a market, a cafe and a bookstore near Madison Square Park. 

The last time Beth was in town, she told me about their Bronzino, which is essentially a whole fish that has been cooked and is then served. The whole fish. On your plate. Staring at you.  I was not brave enough to order it, but I did have a bite and it was absolutely delicious. 

I stuck with what I knew and ordered scallops that were out of this world. 

Look, Pam and Heidi-- you made the blog! 

Me and Beth.

The aftermath of a Bronzino well enjoyed. I will definitely be going back to Eataly. Delicious. 

For the record, I majorly cleaned up at the sample sale. I will post some pics of a few things I got, but until then, that's all for now!

Happy Friday!


  1. I LOVED Eataly!!! It was so cool and the food was amazing. Looks like you are getting use to New York and all it's quarks. ;)


  2. Ahhh how I love a good mrs. Wilder reference! Such a fun and "new things trying" weekend...wish I could come and have you show me around your new digs! Seems like this anxiety inducing summer has turned into a real success(: love you!

  3. The floppy hair lady is the mustache man in drag?

  4. Spencer, who is sitting next to me presently, and I (but if I'm honest, she thought of it and I agree), believes that this woman was on the video of the fashionista seniors you had on your blog a while back. IF WERE RIGHT, PLEASE GIVE US A SHOUT OUT.

  5. It was so nice to meet you. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. I am so jealous that you get to live in NY. Pam