Friday, June 22, 2012

Things that happened since the last time we talked:

I am so so so happy to report that this week was super super boring.

Contrary to what your conventional definition of 'boring' may imply, this is truly wonderful news. Why? Because boring means routine. Boring means comfortable. Boring means grocery shopping after work. Boring means I finally truly understand the difference between the Uptown and Downtown trains. Boring is good.

This realization came this evening when (post boring induced nap), I was sitting in my room and considered how different this Friday felt in comparison to the last three. I feel..... what? Bored. Yes. Bored bored bored. And then it hit me! You can truly only really be bored when your aren't occupied with other feelings like anxiety or excitement or fatigue or whatever. This is wonderful!

Now, I don't exactly want this boring to last forever because, I am in New York City, after all and boring would be an extreme waste of time and resources, but I'm ok with a little bit of boring. And hopefully soon this feeling will be replaced with something like fun or joy or sopreoccupiedthatIdon'tevenhavetimetodisectmyfeelingslikethisanymore, but until then, I'm happy with the delightful neutral of boring.

Let's take a look back at this boring-tastic week. 

Work was very slow this week. Which allowed me ample time to get pretty creative with my paper clip twisting strategies. I came up with this paper clip photo frame. It's hard to tell in this picture, but it's almost like a paper clip tripod. And then you can slip a notecard or a photo in and it is a little homemade frame!!! Pretty genius, if I do say so myself. Other intern, Jenna, was no amused. I also suggested that we write and preform a skit for the sales execs in our downtime. She declined. 

Walking home from work this week, I found two gems. 

1. This beautiful brownstone. This picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice. Something about it is just magical. I want to live there, please. 

2. This poster outside of a small (I'm assuming) vegan restaurant. I literally laughed out loud when I walked past this advertisement for their vegan tomato soup. So odd for so many reasons. 

One of the many glamorous tasks that comes along with the sparkling honor of being a Marc by Marc Jacobs Sales Intern is getting to double check spreadsheets and placed orders. And then triple checking them... and then checking them again. And then again. And maybe one more time... And then going cross eyed. 

As previously mentioned, I went grocery shopping after work this week. Something that was extremely overwhelming due to the 94,872 people that were also grocery shopping at 5:30 on their way home from work as well. And I didn't have a grocery list. Which... I shouldn't even have to explain why that is really hard for me. One word: tailspin. Anyway, all of the stress and confusion was washed away when I found... wait for it... VEGGIE NESTS!!! What are veggie nests? Only the greatest food offering ever to come out of the freezer section of Trader Joe's (which is saying a lot because their freezer section is obviously UHHmazing). I had looked for them the last TWO times I was at Trader Joe's and the search proved unsuccessful, but this time... this time, was different. (Basically the only person who will truly appreciate this news is Casey. She gets it. Which is why I texted her this picture immediately. I didn't text her the picture that I took of myself proving how excited I was. But here it is. She'll see it now.) Casey, here's a picture of me. It's of me being really excited because I found veggie nests. (Now she knows). 

This made my week.

Oh and if you're wondering why I'm sweating so much, it's because it is literally hotter than the surface of the sun in New York right now and I've decided that I'm going to walk to and from work from now on. And lucky me, I decided to pick this week, the hottest week in the history of the world, to start my new walking pledge. So shut up. You'd be sweaty too. 


The generous men and women of MBMJ decided to add to my SWAG pile and throw in this watch too. Pretty sa-weet. 

I had this sushi for lunch today from the market and it was so so mediocre. I would seriously rather it be rancid and disgusting instead of what this was. Bland and unmemorable. Because then, you have no excuse to waste it and not to eat it. But you're hating every bite. Ugh.. this nearly ruined my perfectly boring week, but I'm going to let it go. 

See!? Totally normal and perfectly boring, right? Almost like I'm... dare I say... getting comfortable here? What!? Stop. Is it really happening? We'll see. 

PS- I also want to add make one more point for the Boring team and say that I did, in fact, spend 2 hours of last evening watching a documentary on George HW Bush called "41." It was wonderful. And hardly boring to me, but it seems that it should be included in the sum of this week. 

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  1. veggie nests. too good for words. and your face. i miss it so much.