Saturday, February 12, 2011


This made me smile. Not like a picture of an awkward family would of made me smile, but in a OK, fine. This is kind of cute, I guess kind of way.

(And for those of you keeping track at home, it is day 3 of my Valentines Day coverage and my organs are slowly starting to fail and i've begun to lose significant amounts of hair.)


  1. Good job Jules! Don't they say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit? Post about V-Day for 3 weeks and you just might end up loving it! Love you.
    ~Aunt Sue

  2. Your organs are slowly failing because you are becoming a softy on the inside and your hair is falling out because of the excitement you feel in anticipation of this most glorious of all days(: Just thought I should clarify what all these symptoms mean. LOVER YOU MUCHO MI AMOR!

  3. Is this Julia doing this blog? Is this a New Year's resolution? I like it, but what's with the sudden embracing of Valentine's Day? Don't know, but I think it's (and you're) wonderful!!

    I think this pic is so cute... especially with the french.


    Am watching about a murder mystery that happened in Savannah!