Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Things I would Give for an In-n-Out Burger:

  • my right index finger
  • a lock or two of my hair
  • Alyssa Burlingham's life
  • sleep for 48 hours
  • a letter grade in any one of my classes
  • Claire's Jimi Hendrix poster
  • internet access for a week
  • deodorant for the rest of my life (but let's be honest, that really is only a bummer for everyone else)
  • the price of one cheeseburger plus shipping and handling
What about you?


  1. A bratwurst and 5 potatoes and a German phrase book, with shipping and handling for both directions.

  2. Juje!!
    If I could send you a burger through teleporting I totally would...because you know that when you get in-n-out to go it is just not the same. Love you!!