Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's my momma's birthday todayyyyy!!!!!

The most amazing mom in the world, Linda Joyce Patton, was born on this blessed day... 39 years ago! I am so so so so so lucky to have such a great family and it goes without saying that about 65% of the reason my family is so great is my mom.
Mom- you are kind to everyone you meet, smart as a whip about so many different things, fun to be around in any situation, the best hugger I know and one all around dead sexy little lady! I have missed you so much this year and getting to spend time with you while I was home was the worlds greatest gift...speaking of gifts, yours is in the mail...and may be a few weeks late (hey-- I love you, but its not my fault that your birthday falls right in the middle of midterms!)
I am so bummed that I can't be in Napa with you and all your lady friends this week, but I am thinking of you all the time. Especially around dinner when I know you are out doing something fun and I'm here studying and eating grossness.


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  1. All true things! Love you Aunty Linny!