Friday, November 9, 2012

Hair Brained

Ok, guys. I'm about to go to the salon to finally get my hair fixed, and the plan is to go with something that will make my blonde mess a little more palatable, but all week I've been having  little conversatations with myself wondering if I should do something a little... riskier. 

I know that this is a totally stupid idea-- one that inevitably I'll immediately regret-- sort of like that time a week ago when I thought it'd be a good idea to dye my hair bleach blonde.

But, I don't know! These girls all look so awesome and cool, yeah? Or is it just because they're models? I don't know! I sort of feel like taking a walk on the wild side. 

Should I do it!? Speak now!


  1. if you grow your hair out more like marilyn's in the first picture then it might be cute!

  2. because they are models... think about me with pink hair... it just isnt the same