Thursday, April 19, 2012

But, seriously...

Ok. So, I mentioned this the other day, but I am just going to make sure to let everyone know that I am still accepting applications for people who want me to live in their homes this summer in New York. I mean, you really can't pass this opportunity up.

Remember that aunt who has an apartment in Tribeca or your older sister's friend who moved there after college or that girl you are friends with on Facebook, but don't really talk to very much? NOW is the time to rekindle those relationships and casually ask if they're looking for a spunky new roommate. Perks of living with me include, but are not limited to:

  • No complaints sweeping/vacuuming (my favorite chore) (just don't count on me to really excel at doing the dishes-- no promises made there)
  • Yummy food being homemade and shared with whoever is in the vicinity 
  • Access to my highly rated and regarded iTunes library. This is hard to come by. Ask Kaitlin. 
  • I'm always in a good mood in the morning. 
  • I don't ever wear perfume so, I don't smell either good or bad. ...Not quite sure if this is a plus, but I think it's something you all should know. 
  • I wear a size 8 shoe. Mis zapatos es su zapatos. (I never said I was good at Spanish)
  • I will give you a voucher for a free Julia Patton hosted workshop. Topics include, but are not limited to, kitchen knife skills and stand up comedy.
  • I'll crochet you some sort of keepsake. Maybe embroider it with the words "Summer '12" so you'll never forget the best 3 months of your life? 
Anyway. It's time to pull in the favors, folks. I'm talking to you to, Person-I-Don't-Know-or-I-Do-Know-But-I-Don't-Know-You-Read-My-Blog. It's time to show yourself! Together, we can make this happen. I'm not above begging. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to get to know this little lady? 

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  1. Can I please live with you?! All of those perks sound great and I think I might just move in and keep you company. I'm going to New York in May and will see what I can get done for ya. :)