Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Fall

I am thrilled to say that it is the first day of Fall. This is by far my favorite season and I can't wait for it to get into full swing. One of the great things about not living in Southern California is getting to experience seasons. Granted, Savannah is not known for it's extremes in regards to weather, but one thing I've noticed both this year and last year is the almost spot on accuracy in which the weather changes take place. The calendar says it's the first day of Autumn? Last night we had a thunder storm. First day of Spring? It gets about 15 degrees hotter. I like that. I can count on it. 

*Sike! The first day of fall is on Friday. My bad. 


  1. Seriously! In California, the first day of any new season means NOTHING CHANGES! How incredibly boring...

  2. Yeah, we're hating this 72 degree day ...

    actually I'm jealous...toss some brightly colored leaves in the air for me!