Monday, May 30, 2011

Listen up, you goons.

The official finals soundtrack of Julia Patton. Scientifically formulated and tested to keep me energized for the next 4 days.

No judgy music snobs allowed.

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  1. sicky sicky gnar gnar playlist

  2. As you long as you have a little Keith in a playlist you can never go wrong(: GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS PUJI!

  3. Julia, does it bother you that Justin Bieber is like 8? And that he's looking for somebody (read: anybody, Julia) to love, and that this girl that he's singing to is not really special, she's just around and sexy and lovable? Low standards, Julia, are not what you want in a man. This is not me being a music snob, but your older, wiser, caring cousin, looking out for your well-being. You can thank me later.

  4. looooooove the playlist. and love it even more because JBIEBS is being represented! :)

  5. haterz gonna hate, emilia. le biebs sings me soft melodies and makes me one less lonely girl. <3