Friday, July 15, 2011


This is officially the 300th post on my beloved blog, Bushka in the City and exciting things are happening. When I realized what significance this post must hold, I was plagued with the thought of underwhelming my legions of followers with a post about something as simple as how my weekend was, a picture of a calorie loaded dessert drenched in caramel that I was craving, an impulsive new hairstyle or even a thrilling declaration of a new major (all four of the above are happening soon, by the way...)
I knew that the 300th post had to be big. Kirstey Alley big. Carmageddon big. JLo's divorce big. So I'm pulling out all the stops by bringing in the expert of all experts on anything freakout worthy.
Ladies and gentlemen-- but mostly ladies, because my Uncle Doug is the only guy I know who reads this blog-- I give you........


For decades Oprah and her magically expanding and shrinking body amazed, inspired and infuriated us with her constant free giveaways. From things as small as ridiculously overpriced candles and Celine Dion CD's to brand new cars and trip to Australia, Opie had us all jumping up and down, teaming with jealousy in our living rooms as we watched 250 middle aged, slightly overweight woman lose their shiz on her show about whatever it was under their seats. So, in this simple blogger's homage to the big O, I give you......


The game is simple. I am going to post three pictures here that I have been storing in my computer for a rainy day. Choose one of the pictures a write a haiku about it (english refresher course: 3 lines-- 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Easy.) Then, myself and an esteemed panel of judges are going to choose our favorite and the winner gets A FREE DRESS made by yours truly! (If you're a guy, we'll call it a tunic) Exciting, right?! Here are your three choices.




So, please, please, PLEASE PARTICIPATE! I know I say that a lot, but if you've never commented before now, make this your first time! I would love to hear your guys' little ditty's and I know they are all going to be so great. Whether you are a frequent commenter, or an avid reader, or I don't know you and you read my blog, or I do know you, but I don't know you read my blog, or even if you don't even know what a Bushka is, just try it!!!!

Now, some of you might be thinking, "Julia, this idea is so great- genius in fact, but I'm just a poor stable boy. I don't know how to comment on these fancy typing machines! Also, you're real purrrty." Well, thank you, poor stable boy. You're not so bad yourself! And do not worry, because here and now I am going to give all who are confused out there a quick commenting tutorial (I'm looking at you, Grandma Bunny) so there is no excuse.
  • At the bottom of this post there is a button that says "0 comments." (It may say "1 comment" or "2 comments" but I highly doubt it.) Click on it.
  • A box will pop up that says "Post a comment"
  • In the box, type whatever you want to say. Only happy thoughts, if you please.
  • When you are finished, click "Post comment"
  • Sometimes a box may come up for you to re-write a word, or possibly confirm your comment. If it does, oblige it's request and then post it.
  • It's that easy!

Have fun!!! And when you're stuck on that 3rd line of your haiku and you can't think of a two syllable word that is a synonym for "dog," just think of Oprah and her miracle natural hair bouncing up and down as she jumps and congratulates you on your new, custom and beautiful dress.
(For the record, a two syllable word for dog: Canine)

PS. Make sure you start your haiku with the number of the picture, so that I know which one it goes with.


  1. I'm totally gonna do this I just need a few days to reflect!

  2. 2. Curl-in-Ball Rough day.
    Tomorrow will be better.
    I will wear these shoes.

  3. Mine will be coming shortly. GREAT idea. :)

  4. A chance to win a custom Julia Patton dress??? Uhhh yeah I'm participating!!!

    3. What a sight we are...
    Spitting at people all day.
    Me and my pal Cam.


  5. When do i have to do this by? this is big. this is huge. im gonna think hard.

  6. i need a deadline....when is the deadline?!?!?!

  7. 1.
    How did I get here?
    I am a little worried.
    Would like to be down.

  8. 3. Up on the high plane
    Doin' what we love: Farting
    Enjoying Our Brand

    By Kaitlin :)

  9. 2. Limber attachment
    Shoes are my sanctuary
    Ass over heels love!!!!!!!!

  10. 3. Sherpa, hear me roar!
    Constipation is a bitch
    Pass the fiber, please!!!!

  11. I know I'm suuuuper late, but i hardly had internet all summer, so I decided to write one because I love you :)

    Daunting and itchy
    Let's drug up the fleas below!
    K-9 Advantix