Thursday, February 18, 2010

And this is why happy things are so much better than sad things:

Artist Pete Dungey plants gardens in the potholes on British roads. "If we planted one of these in every hole," he says, "it would be a like forest in the road."
How great is that? These are the kinds of things that just bring sunshine to someone's day and lift you up.


  1. 14,001 Things To Be Happy About! I have that book prominently displayed in my room next to the picture of the 4 cousins when we got our bracelets and red mugs. You guys are DEFINITELY something to be happy about(:

    I hope you aren't annoyed by my persistent commenting...I get bored and desire contact with the outside world...and you of couse!


  2. i am not bothered by your commenting one bit. i think you may be the only one reading my blog, and if that is the case, i won't stop. haha love you, t!

  3. yes please don't! i love them(:

  4. I absolutely love this idea! I think we should start doing that at home! It could be our summer mission. It would brighten up anybody's day.